Rolls Royce Sales Surge 146% in the First Five Months of 2010


Boosted by its new "entry-level" Ghost limousine that was launched in most markets in December '09, Rolls Royce sales surged to 678 cars in the first five months of 2010, recording an impressive 146 per cent increase on a year ago.

The new Ghost sells for around $250,000 compared with $380,000 to $450,000 price tag of the four available variants of the British firm's flagship Phantom series, thus opening a new market for Rolls Royce.

Last year, the BMW Group-owned brand saw its sales fall by 17 per cent to just over 1,000 units which led the maker cut production and fire some temporary workers.

Rolls Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös told Financial Times that the firm's global sales "will be at least double the volume of last year" and that the company is entering into "new league of business."

According to Müller-Ötvös, China, where Rolls Royce has a total of seven dealerships, will most likely surpass in sales the brand's home market for the very first time this year.

"I could see China overtaking the UK this year as our second-biggest market after the US," said the Rolls Royce CEO.

Via: FT (Sub.Req.)


Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

Although RR missed out on the party of the 00's (in this part of the market) that the Continental exploited so well, it's refreshing to see RR actually introducing an "entry level" vehicle.

In an era where luxury car pricing has witnessed massive price inflation, manufacturers must never underestimate the sales income value of maintaining a "entry level" model ($50m just on the Ghost sales to date). Hopefully Benz will finally wake up and realise that the solution Maybach needs for its survival is staring them right in the face here!

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

Luxury car markets have to be reorganised because demographics have changed entirely. It no longer remains exclusive with hordes and hordes of rich cropping up around the world in the thousands especially in countries like China and India.

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

as a bentley owner, i have seen a lot of traffic at my bentley-rolls dealer in new york and the one we use in south florida in wintertime. phantom owners seem to... (and bentley owners are guilty, too, to...)think that they are economizing by buying the less ostentatious ghost and bentley gt's, gtc's or gt continentals. i am seeing this, too, with the all new 2011 bentley mulsanne. this is evident, even when keeping their larger rolls-royces and bentleys and merely adding the baby roller or smaller bentleys to their daily, weekend or seasonal fleets. lmao!

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