VIDEO: Honda's 'Win a ride with Mario Andretti' Commercial

In its latest promotion for new customers, Honda is giving U.S. buyers a chance to win a ride with Mario Andretti in a two-seater IndyCar at the Grand Prix of Sonoma at Infineon Raceway. According to the Japanese automaker, the winner will ride in the IZOD IndyCar during the parade laps, and be on course for the start of the race.

To create a bit of a buzz around the contest, Honda released this commercial with Mario Andreti. Sounds interesting, but it isn't. See why in the video after the jump.


Anonymous said... »June 02, 2010

Great for Honda! Our family owns many Honda and Acura products and all are gems. The quality, reliability and resale value make for the best values on the road. It is nice to see the company having fun, not unlike this happy Acura MDX, RL and AWD TL owner. We have relatives with Accord Crossovers. They are most impressive of all if you can get past the controversial design, while I see as rugged and awesome having avoiding the cookie cutter approach.

Anonymous said... »June 02, 2010

I'm with you. I like seeing Honda having some fun. I've owned Hondas for over 40 years and they are some of the most well thought out machines one can buy at reasonable prices. Looks aside on some products, they are gems!

Anonymous said... »June 04, 2010

Only time tells the true story. and over 40 years of family history and generations truly tell.

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