2012 Range Rover Evoque: Videos and Photo Gallery from Presentation

Yesterday, we showed you the first official photo of Lande Rover's new small SUV, the three-door Range Rover Evoque. Now we bring you a full set of images and a video from the glitzy presentation that was held in partnership with Vogue magazine in London [hence the glamour shots, which we hope you don't mind], as well as a second video clip with 'walk-around' beauty shots of the production version of the LRX Concept.

The new 'baby' Range Rover will descend upon on us at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September and will go on sale from next summer. Few technical details were released on Land Rover's smallest, lightest and according to the company, most frugal vehicle in the brand's lineup, but we do know that customers will have a choice of both a 4WD and a 2WD version.

Furthermore, it was revealed during the presentation that Range Rover's newly appointed Creative Design Executive, Victoria Beckam (yes, the former Spice Girl), will make use of her styling expertise [sic...] on a special edition version of the Evoque. Enjoy the photo gallery and videos after the break.



Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

this looks suspiciously similar to the Dacia Duster concept.

Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

Lots of hype and photo ops, but little substance. No interior photographs or videos. Bloody weak! Creative Design Executive, Victoria Beckam? What a wankette.

Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

I don't like the way the spoiler sits on the sides of the C pillars.

Neinfectat De Comunism said... »July 02, 2010

too many "celebrities" in this photo shoot have ruined the car for me...why is posh spice there? I am not interested in what colour her panties are!!!!

Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

PC Rav Wilding? - don't take the pish!

Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

Is a normal stature person expected to sit in the back seat?

Braddo said... »July 03, 2010

Yes we need some interior shots... Thinking the back seats will be low to accomodate heads in there.. Will be a low roof, still it is a 3 seater so who cares really . .?

Anonymous said... »July 03, 2010

This "chic-SUV" is more suited for people who drove it to fashion shows, art exhibitions and such... instead of roughing it out at the jungle...

It looks sissy... Good for well-paved city roads and catwalks (just joking)...

Anonymous said... »July 03, 2010

Looks good, shame its been built to the wrong scale, really what were they thinking?
Its like a pimped out urban "off roader" terrible idea, just do it properly and kill the ugly and poorly built Range Rover Sport and be done with it.

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2010

Make Lindsay Lohan the creatve design executive instead of Victoria Beckham.
May be she will come up with a prison cell inspired design theme for the interiors.

Anonymous said... »April 28, 2011

that sloping roof just looks odd, I bet in a years time there will be a new better styled version out after the disappointing sales of this rather odd looking tampering of the Royal Range Rover Marque.

Anonymous said... »April 28, 2011

did this range rover go on tv as pimp my ride, its not very good looking with the lowered roof

Anonymous said... »October 30, 2011

Pretty sorry the styling is extremely similar to the Kia Sportage.

MOSES BIGGMAN OLWAL said... »March 24, 2012

 What have you done to my range Rover...where is the masculine body, the robust feel. My Range Rover is nothing but a Rav 4.

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