Master Yoda, the New Voice of TomTom has Become [with Videos]


After Darth Vader and C-3PO, Jedi Master Yoda is the latest Star Wars voice to be made available for TomTom navigation systems. As with the other characters from the movie, Yoda's voice is priced at £7.95 (US$12 or €9.5 at today's exchange rates). According to the Dutch maker of navigation systems, all Star Wars voices for its devices are available in English, while Yoda and Darth Vader are also available in German with more languages to be added throughout the summer.

The company said it will complete its Star Wars cast line-up in August with the introduction of a Hans Solo voice.

Link: TomTom Star Wars Voices


Anonymous said... »July 09, 2010

terrific! now can we get Arnold Schwarzenegger plz?

Frederick said... »July 09, 2010

^ YES! Ahnuld

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2010

@Anonymous & @ Frederick

Wait, so that wasn't Arnold's voice??

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2010

waiting for Chewie's voice pack, because you know that will create fights.

TomTom:*wookie's growl*
Wife: Hunny, i think you were suppose to turn right...
Husband: SHUT IT! I know what he said and he did not say that! I live and breathe star, do not!
Wife: ....
<2 hrs later>
Husband: Maybe i should have turned right.

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