Mercedes-Benz CLS Production Comes to an End


It's the end of the road for the car that virtually started the industry-wide trend towards what is being marketed as "four door coupes", the Mercedes-Benz CLS, as the last example of the current generation model, a black CLS 550 destined for a U.S. customer, rolled off the production line today.

But fans of Merc's stylish saloon need not to worry as a second generation of the CLS is on its way (see undisguised photos of the new model here) with the world premiere set for the Paris motor show at the end of September.

The first CLS made its debut as the Vision CSL concept in the fall of 2003 at the Frankfurt auto show, with the production version following the next year. It was available with a variety of V6 and V8 petrol engines as well as a V6 turbo diesel. In the six years it remained in production, Mercedes sold more than 170,000 examples of the car worldwide.

Current Mercedes-Benz CLS


Anonymous said... »July 28, 2010

Sorry, but the old one looks better and more modern than the new one that's coming.

Anonymous said... »July 28, 2010

Most of these CLS were sold in Hong Kong

Rick said... »July 28, 2010

Wait, CLS production is ending but a new CLS is coming out. So, why the confusion? Maybe the article meant production of the first CLS model is coming to a close?

donald said... »July 28, 2010

Hey, guys did you all notice the man standing on the far right? The worker? He look likes he is saying why am i'm in this picture? I love the look on his face.


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