Nissan Drops New Pictures of 2011 Quest Minivan


After the release of a single teaser photo of the all-new, next generation Quest minivan back in April, Nissan today published a full set of images (albeit slightly smoked out) of the full-size people carrier ahead of its world premiere at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

The Japanese automaker is still keeping details on the new Quest under wraps, but it is believed that the next generation minivan with sliding rear-doors will be powered by Nissan's venerable 3.7-liter V6 engine.

Scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in early 2011, the new Quest will compete with the redesigned for the 2011MY Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey minivans. More photos after the break.


Anonymous said... »July 07, 2010

New Nissan corporate face?

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2010

lookin a 100% better than honda's oddesssey

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2010

sienna, odyssey and this are all looking like the same

Woody Thompson said... »July 08, 2010

Nissan is really trying to be the major benchmark in every segment
- GT-T (sport car)
-Leaf (first production electric car)
-Quest (2011) - nicest looking (best built-in Japan)
- Juke-most nimble in it's class( exceeded sales expectation by pre-
-370 z - One of the biggest cult/legendary names ever.
-Altima- One of the most popular cars ever sold.
-Maxima - nicely styled.
-Versa- cheapest car in its class ( but I admit it needs an upgrade)

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2010

will this hold a standard size casket?

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2010

Nice front end, nice interior except for that awkward shift lever, really nice gauge cluster.

But the side profile and rear is just FUGLY. Looks like the French part of Renault-Nissan was responsible for the side and rear profile. The van is probable based on the Renault Espace minivan.

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2010

"Leaf (first production electric car)"

Oh you are soooo wrong on that one! You're so wrong, you're off by over 100 years! Google that shit!

"Altima- One of the most popular cars ever sold."

Yeah, right up there with the Beetle, Model T, 2CV, Civic etc.

You're wrong, your starting to make creationist look smart.

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2010


Ignore that Troll. Seems he doesn't care to read carefully and is more concerned about being able to pat himself on the back.

The 'Leaf' is probably correctly categorized as the first production vehicle from a major manufacturer that is or will be available for 'purchase'. Ford could have claimed that with the 'Think City Car', but blew it when the Majors had there way with the legislators(Payed corporate Pimps) and received favorable legislation that allowed them to back off MPG and alternative powered vehicles.

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2010

The car does look good for a minivan!!

Altima mite not be an all time best seller. But this curent model is considered best in class and is outselling the accord and the drive is much better than any other car in its class.

The Z is amazing. Performance of a boxer S and if you ask me looks and sounds much better.

The leaf is going to be a great electric car. Nissan is working hard on making it the best full electric car. to the point that they will lease the battery cause they know the car will outlast the technology.

all in all Every single nissan drives and in the most part looks better than all its counterparts..

and if I had $100 000 to blow on a car.. the GT-R would be my 1st choice...

I just got a Versa from Spinelli Nissan in montreal and I find it to be the best little car out there

Anonymous said... »July 10, 2010

girls! stop slapping each other and pulling hairs. people are entitled to their own opinion and this is no spelling bee. take your petty bulling to the playground.

"Yeah, right up there with the Beetle, Model T, 2CV, Civic etc." - from one poster

so what?

i should not waste my time and energy with children. now on to cars... gee, a novel idea, eh?!


Anonymous said... »July 10, 2010

^ amen!

so right, now on to cars (and minivans) indeed!!!

nissan got it right, but the design is iffy in the minivan market. most of us are car enthusiasts, so we can appreciate the artistry of automotive innovation and design. from what i have gathered from hordes of minivan owners within my circles, its mostly about functionality. granted, they are repeat buyers and pulling away from their tried and true brand should prove difficuly. well, most are creatures of habit. many will only buy a dodge grand caravan for practicality and such (like my sister and brother-in-law. i think they are literally on their 10th town&country. my informal research tells me that countless honda and toyota buyers, opting for a roomier "accord" or "camry", move to odysseys and siennas to "ensure" continuity with quality (whether perception or reality). personally, i can see my self driving the new quest, but that would mean giving up my nissan murano le. brand identity, once more.

Anonymous said... »July 10, 2010

AMEN X2! Children? OMG. Yes. Being another adult...

I love the new look of the 2011 Nissan Quest, but as you may recall, the current generation came out looking mighty cool, with those skylights and all. I, in a delusional state, nearly gave up a Maxima for one. It is all about "Q&Q", as in Quest and Quality. If they can make it at least as reliable as an Altima, Maxima or Murano SUV, I think they will sell nearly as many as Honda or Toyota, but not in the first year, I predict. This will be a tough sell for reason the astute car lovers above so insightfully express.

Only time will tell.

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2010

I sell new Nissan vehicles and cant wait to see it in person! The "ugly" shifter on the dash is actually quite neat and convenient when you sit in it and see/feel it. I hope it is a class leader like the last one with features like the low floor, wide sliding doors and easy fold flat seating! As far as the "design" goes... I think it looks really nice and smart for a mini-van.
A little Maxima in the DNA of this van! I like it!

Anonymous said... »November 17, 2010

Too much chrome and fake wood. Would make a good hearse but that's about it.

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