SCOOP: 2011 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Receives Minor Updates, Including BMW-Like Gearshifter


The Genesis sedan has only been out in the market for two years, but Hyundai is getting ready to present the 2011MY with some barely noticeable styling upgrades in its home market.

Scooped here in South Korea completely undisguised, the 2011 Genesis sedan appears to get a reworked front bumper with newly styled air ducts and trim, more prominent side skirts, a chunkier chrome strip above the license plate and a new rear bumper with reshaped exhaust tips.

From what we can tell from these pictures, the only visible change inside concerns the new and, as you can see in the photos after the jump, very BMW-like, gear shifter of the automatic transmission. There's nothing official on the car yet, though there has been talk of a 5.0-liter V8 engine joining the range.

It's unclear if or when the subtly updated Genesis sedan will be headed to the States.

Photos: Bobaedream Forums / Via: Thecarblogger

2011MY Hyundai Genesis


2010MY Hyundai Genesis


BMW Gear Shifter


Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

looks like the small changes (very small at best)are putting it more in line with the bumper styles of rest of the hyundai's. Hyundai impress me with how far they come and changed. Hyundai shows that other brands can change esp brands like buick which now have some very nice cars again like in buicks better days

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

The old Acura Legend sitting to its left in third photo is more interesting to me.

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

Korean cars have come a LONG way over the past five or so years. They're actually pretty nice now. But what bugs me is that they lack ANY sort of originality. These blatant copy-cat tricks are a huge turn off. Not that I would be caught dead owning anything other than a Saab...

Rick said... »July 01, 2010

Looks good, but next to the Sonata, it's starting to look real soft and vanilla. It needs a crease or two, some type of definition on the side door panels.

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

Anonymous #2

Then you obviously have some issues.

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

anonymous #2.....are u sure u alright?.....pls do go get a check up.....Hyundai genesis is badass!!

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

i agree with #2, acura looks better. all hyundai is doing is copying the best.

Anonymous said... »July 01, 2010

copying the best of what? 1980? please..Hyundai is past that, the genesis is BADASS in every way better than any Acura out now!

Anonymous said... »July 02, 2010

Anon #7.....tellem bruv!!........Hyundai is now a big boy!!

Gary said... »July 05, 2010

I guess if you have no problem buying something so incredibly generic and copycat, then the Genesis is a nice car.

Anonymous said... »July 10, 2010

The car is gorgeous.

Anonymous said... »September 09, 2010

Of course designers copy the best aspects of popular cars. Wouldn't you if you wanted to sell something to mass consummers? I love this car, it is classy and smooth looking. yes take the best of many cars and copy because afterall copying something is the truest form of flattery. Go Hyundai....who else is offering 10 years 100,000 miles? News flash.....NO ONE...It's a great car and going to sell like hotcakes......Love it

Sema said... »September 20, 2010

What car company isn't copying from others? When the latest Mercedes S class came out, the trunk/tail was almost identical to the BMW 750. Hyundai managed to put a very nice package together for big discount over competitors and 10/100 is awesome warranty.

Anonymous said... »December 12, 2010

MICHAEL 1963, From Italy -
La Hyundai GENESIS รจ davvero una gran bella automobile! Peccato che qui in Europa non venga commercializzata. Con un motore diesel di adeguata potenza al posto dei grossi motori a benzina del mercato nord americano, credo che potrebbe essere una valida alternativa alle solite automobili tedesche alto di gamma!

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