VIDEO: One Big Russian Pothole


If you think the roads are bad in your area wait until you see this video that was allegedly filmed somewhere in Russia. Now that's a pothole worthy of a prize! We lost count of the number of cars, trucks and even buses that danced in and out of the pothole, evidently causing some serious damages to wheels and suspension bits. Watch the video after the break.

- Kudos to Alex for the tip!


Anonymous said... »July 21, 2010


Anonymous said... »July 21, 2010

what a dick! just taping for fun?!?

Anonymous said... »July 21, 2010

lol The music is priceless !

I am Russian and I approve this message.

mike said... »July 21, 2010


donald said... »July 21, 2010

This is so ridiculous thats it is so painful to watch from laugh to hard. Thanks carscoop, I needed that.


Anonymous said... »July 22, 2010

0:49 Major FAIL!

Anonymous said... »July 22, 2010

This video is 10 years old already.

greets from Moscow

Anonymous said... »July 22, 2010

zorba the greek! lol funny shiz!

Thanks for the up!

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