Lotus reveals Supercharged Evora S with 350HP and clutchless Evora IPS before Paris


Now that the somewhat docile Moscow motor show is out of our minds, what everyone should be looking forward to is the epic design-fest that is the Paris Motor Show. While I'm definitely looking forward to Citroen's usual insanity, there will be "normal" cars there, too. Take, for instance, these 'Loti'.

The performance model is simply called the Lotus Evora S, and it doesn't have nearly enough old-school Lotus graphics for my taste. However, what it lacks in vintage what-what, it makes up for with that big, curvy letter which signifies the car's supercharged status. With the blower on top of its Toyota-sourced (i.e. fairly reliable) 3.5 liter V6, its puts down a very Esprit-esque 350-horses.

In what seems like a marketing blunder, or an attempt to piss off current Evora owners, Lotus CEO Dany Bahar says, "You don't realise what you were missing from your driving experience until you get behind the wheel of the Evora S." Glad I held onto original Evora deposit, otherwise I'd be looking like a real sucker.

Extra features on the new Evora S include that supercharger, a standard sport package (with a sport button that adjusts throttle response and engages the exhaust's bypass valve), and a killer rear diffuser with a wide-mouth center-exhaust outlet. There's also a heads-up display and cross-drilled rotors, but hey, that's the kind of stuff one expects in a car like this anyway.

The other Lotus making its debut in Paris is the Evora IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift). Let's see how easily this one can be described: automatic Lotus. Done.

It packs 280 ponies and runs them through a 6-speed auto which has "Lotus-developed transmission control", and then it's also GOD I'M BORED ALREADY. It's got sport mode and paddle shifters and meets every requirement out there for people - Lotus says Asia, the Middle East, and America - who want a sports car but would rather cruise around without actually needing to know what that mysterious third pedal is for.

By Phil Alex


Evora S Technical Specification

Model Evora S
Engine - Mid mounted, transverse 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-I
Emissions see below due to wheel options
Transmission - 6 speed manual
Chassis - Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure
Steering - Lotus tuned hydraulically-assisted power steering
Suspension - Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension
Bilstein high performance gas dampers
Eibach coaxial coil springs

Performance data

Standard wheel option
Fuel consumption - urban 14.5 l/100km
Fuel consumption – extra urban 7.4 l/100km
Fuel consumption - combined 10.0l/100km
CO2 Emissions 235 g/km

19/20" wheel option
Fuel consumption - urban 14.6 I/100km
Fuel consumption – extra urban 7.6 I/100km
Fuel consumption - combined 10.2 I/100km
CO2 Emissions 239 g/km

Max power - 350 PS / 257.5 kW @ 7000 rpm
Max torque - 400 Nm / 295 lb ft @ 4500 rpm
0-60 mph - 4.6s
0-100 km/h 4.8s
Maximum speed - 172mph
Vehicle mass (unladen) - 1437kg

Evora IPS Option Technical Specification

Engine - Mid mounted, transverse 3.5 litre DOHC V6 VVT-I
Emissions - 208 g/km
Transmission Electronically controlled 6 speed automatic
Chassis Modular lightweight bonded aluminium structure
Steering Lotus tuned hydraulically-assisted power steering
Suspension Forged aluminium double wishbone suspension
Bilstein high performance gas dampers
Eibach coaxial coil springs

Performance data

Fuel consumption - urban 12.6 l/100km
Fuel consumption – extra urban 6.6 l/100km
Fuel consumption - combined 8.8 l/100km
CO2 Emissions 208 g/km

Max power - 280 PS / 206 KW @ 6400rpm
Max torque - 350 Nm / 258 lb ft @ 4700rpm
0-60 mph - 5.3s
0-100 km/h - 5.5s
Maximum speed - 155mph
Vehicle mass (unladen) - 1436 kg


Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

You may have jumped the gun there, I don't think it is actually supercharged.

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

"then it's also GOD I'M BORED ALREADY"
Real professional review. Not short-sighted at all!

MatthewNZ said... »August 27, 2010

I think it is supercharged, it has been rumoured for months and the car is fitted with a pretty sizable rear diffuser, something not neccesary if there's no power increase.

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

The Evora range (even possible hybrid version) is beginning to really serve the niches that exist out there!

I remember when the Evora spec was first announced, everybody moaned about the 'standard output' Toyota engine (especially Americans, who already had a large exposure to that engine in their domestic market).

Looks like Lotus was more concerned with getting the upgrades done right, than release an initial model with slap-dash mods. Job well done.....and this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

Anon 2, thanks a lot! Having read the article a second time, I see that all comments by Phil Alex in it are 100% pointless, and create no constructive discussion material.

On my first read I just automatically pinpointed the vehicle specific info in the paragraphs for digesting, and by default ignored the filler!

My belief in Carscoop professionalism has just been seriously knocked!

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

Since Phil decided not to include it, because it's his time of the month.....the IPS is an auto box which weighs no more than the manual equivalent.

A mighty achievement WORTHY OF NOTE, which very much highlights the continuation of the long held ideological aspiration at Lotus of lightness.

Grow up Phil.....leave out the vacuous "edgy" opinions, report ALL the facts, then learn to insert subtle commenting.

John @ Carscoop said... »August 27, 2010

@Anon? "the IPS is an auto box which weighs no more than the manual equivalent."

And you know this from where? Because Lotus did not mention something in the official press release (see below). Unless you're working for Lotus, in which case, feel free to send us the details in our email box.

An oh, by the way; Lotus says the manual model weighs 1,382kg ( Automatic Evora tips the scales at 1,436kg.

Press Release:

But that’s not all. In addition to the Evora S, Lotus also presents the IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option. This inception of the seven-time-award-winning (who’s counting? We are!) Evora sees an automatic 6-speed gearbox with Lotus developed transmission control with a 3.5 l V6 engine delivering 280 PS assuring a superior automatic driving experience.
The IPS version of the Evora allows the driver to switch between manual paddle shift and automatic drive modes. The driver also has the option of selecting ‘sport’ mode which showcases the Lotus sport driving experience allowing the driver to really feel each gear shift and be in complete control of the transmission.
Commenting on the development Dany Bahar said: “The Evora IPS is set to broaden the appeal of the Evora and reach out to a slightly different market. We hope it will be popular with established automatic locations such as Asia, the Middle East and the US. It’s been a long time since Lotus created an automatic and we’ve spent a great deal of time refining this one to make sure that it perfectly complements the Evora drive experience.”

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

Allrighty now! Let's see if I can get the engine/transmission/ecu as a crate engine and see about shoehorning it into my Sienna...

Anonymous said... »August 27, 2010

@Carscoop. Apologies Phil and John. I was wrongly comparing the S weight with the IPS. 54kgs is a sizeable difference. After seeing Phils dismissive attitude above towards the auto, the red mist did get the better of me.

What I should of highlighted instead was that the subject of the IPS wasn't communicated by Phil in the professional manner I've come to expect from Carscoop. The auto represents an achievement of in-house work at Lotus to provide an option not seen for a very long time in a Lotus (there's the story), that Lotus deem the brand needs to offer in order to thrive in the marketplace of today. CEO Bahar even fittingly expressed this in the final sentence of the press release. And while it's PR allusion, surely Phil could have found a way to mention that rather than (or as well as) his personal boredom in his piece?

Although I still stand by keeping edgy vacuous opinions out of reporting, and if you will use subtle commenting instead, I was wrong to say the specification facts were unreported.

John @ Carscoop said... »August 27, 2010

@Anon; no problem. Phil was just being humorous in this post. Plus don't forget, this is only a teaser of the Evora S and its automatic sibling. We'll post all the info when Lotus shows the two cars (and announces all the details) in Paris.

A d r 1 ƒ t said... »August 27, 2010

This review was not particularly enjoyable to read and I come here a lot (atleast 4 years now).

Knock it off with the negative attitude and keep your shallow bitter Opinions to yourself. Elaborate on the fact's and throw in some positive humor, (if you're capable of it).

Carscoop needs better journalists. :\

Anonymous said... »August 30, 2010

^ A d r 1 ƒ t »


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