New Lancia Stratos: High-Res Photo Gallery


By now, you've probably heard or read about the modern-day interpretation of the Lancia Stratos that is being built as a one-off (for the time being) by Pininfarina for Michael Stoschek, a wealthy German businessman. While there is nothing new in the way of details, the people behind the project have finally released some high resolution photos of the reborn Stratos that you can enjoy right after the jump. We'll remind you that the Stratos is based on a shortened platform of a Ferrari F430 Scuderia making use of the same V8 powerhouse.


Anonymous said... »August 23, 2010

Anything for the legend I guess, it looks rather bloody ugly.

Anonymous said... »August 23, 2010

Why should we care about a car that is not built by the official manufacturer, i.e. Lancia itself, or even under demand from the brand ?

The only connection to the brand is the fake name it carries on.

Anonymous said... »August 23, 2010

We should care because it's a Pininfarina on a Ferrari base.

Anonymous said... »August 23, 2010


Anonymous said... »August 23, 2010

boring...get a life Stochek, put the money to better use

Anonymous said... »August 24, 2010

Terribly ugly!!! Disgusting!

Anonymous said... »August 24, 2010

Whats with the comments??? This car is friggin AWESOME!

Anonymous said... »August 24, 2010

Very much 80s. Looks like Stochek is attracting a lot of jealous attention.

Anonymous said... »August 25, 2010

but are they true this photos?
incredible car..what kind of suspensione and engine have?
if it's a italian car, why the number plate is Germany? anyway it's a very nice car.

Anonymous said... »September 03, 2010

Looks like a slightly modernized replica of the original. If you want to make a damn-near replica of a car at least pick a car that looks good.

Anonymous said... »February 11, 2011

you people have no taste sure its not as nice as the old one and sure it costs wayy to much but its a super car now and it looks like a modern super car and it looks really nice no doubt in that

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