Mercedes-Benz Drops More Photos of 2012 CLS Sports Sedan


Mercedes is trying to make the most of the media's thirst for news slowly unleashing more and photos of its second-generation CLS sports saloon, which will make its grand premiere at the upcoming Paris Auto Show on September 30.

Albeit more visually complex than its predecessor, the new CLS continues the same design theme (on the outside) set by the original model, which was introduced onto the market in 2004.

We'll probably have to wait until the Paris show for detailed specs, but buyers should expect the engine lineup to include among other powerplants, a 3.5 liter V6 petrol producing 306HP and a 4.7-liter bi-turbocharged V8 petrol with 429HP, as well as a 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 making at least 536-ponies for the range-topping AMG version that has yet to be revealed.

The new CLS will hit U.S. Mercedes showrooms by mid-year next year.

*Check out the previous set of photos by clicking here


Anonymous said... »September 15, 2010

The complete uniqueness of the original concept and model are gone.

raquettelaker2 said... »September 15, 2010

That's pretty ugly. The designers are trying too hard.

Anonymous said... »September 15, 2010


Anonymous said... »September 15, 2010

The front end and interior are completely "Lost in Translation". As much as I want to like this car, I can't. In addition, Mercedes needs to take a cue from BMW on their interiors. I agree with poster Raquette - the designers are trying too hard when all they need to do is further refine the lines that made the CLS a modern classic. With all the talent that exist in the industry, this evolutionary update should have gone perfectly. Lastly - why move the shifter to the stalk?? That's a fail especially for a sports sedan.

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2010

Take a cue from BMW? So you want them to you fall asleep and make every single interior look the same? This, along with A7 are the best designed interiors in the world!

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2010

The best looking Mercedes sedan ever. Its got stateliness and bit of dash too. The wood used on this interior is tacky though.

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2010

Ugly interior, exterior so so...

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2010

This is what the Maxima wants to be when it grows up.

Anonymous said... »September 16, 2010

I'd rather have a Hyundai, lol! ;)

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