Rossin-Bertin Vorax: Brazil's BMW M5 V10-Powered Supercar


Behold Brazil's newest supercar, the Rossin-Bertin Vorax that will make its debut at the Sao Paulo Auto Show later this month. Looking a tad like the result of an unfortunate accident between a Nissan Juke and a Mazda RX-8, the Vorax features a carbon fibre body and aluminium chassis. According to its makers, it will weigh in at just 1,300 kg (2,866 lbs) and be powered by the same (albeit tuned) 5.0-liter V10 from the BMW M5.

In virtual testing, the "entry-level" 570 hp (425 kw) Vorax was good for a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h (205 mph). Meanwhile, the 750 hp (559 kw) supercharged variant was good for 3.6 seconds and 372 km/h (231 mph), respectively.

The two men behind the Vorax are CEO and designer Fharys Rossin and (presumably lead investor) Natalino Bertin Jr. The former is a 37-year-old ex-GM designer and the latter is the 29-year-old, car-mad heir to the Bertin Group of slaughterhouses. Mr. Rossin wanted to build a supercar that could compete with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche; a heady goal.

Production of the Vorax coupe will begin at a proposed plant in Blumenau, Brazil in late 2011 or early 2012. A convertible is set to follow twelve months later. Rossin-Bertin expect to sell between 500 and 1,000 Voraxes for around R$700,000 (US$409,836) each.

By Tristan Hankins

Via: A Tribuna



Germain said... »October 23, 2010

looks like the mazda shinari

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

The front and general shape are excellent. Shame I can't say the same about the rather odd rear.

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

This is MAZDA! Come on Brazil!

Bobby said... »October 24, 2010

Not With that engine.. Its out of production..

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

^ i actually love both front and rear. quite unique from the back, but it integrates well!the red does not look quite as nice, though. still, the same shape obviously. just looks better in the darker color.

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

Yeah looks better with darker colors
sweet design, really like it

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

Very practical vehicle for Brazil. Does it run on sugarcane?

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

that's a big z4 with the nose of the new lotus cars

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

is there any original design in this world...c' there any practical sports car?

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

The car won't run on sugarcane since the the engine is bmw M5, unless they made modifications to it witch I don't think so.
And the price must seem a lot high, but in brazil due to taxes,it will cost the same as an Audi R8 V10

Anonymous said... »October 24, 2010

I wish would run on sugarcane, because for those of you that don't know the technology, a car running on sugarcane is way more powerful that regular gas. If you wanna make fun about it, educate yourself first.

Anonymous said... »October 25, 2010

We all wish it would run on sugarcane because os the 0 emissions, and the gain of power, but I don't think it will be. But never know, bentley already can run on sugarcane, let's wait and hope it can.

Anonymous said... »October 26, 2010

Totally agree

ACFW said... »October 28, 2010

Asodna said... »January 18, 2012


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