Subaru Revealed Behind 2011 Mediocrity Marketing Hoax; What do you Say Kia?


As some of you pointed out, Subaru was the culprit hiding behind the week-long 2011 Mediocrity campaign, which showed a beige-cladded first-generation Kia Optima in a scoop-like series of photos. Upon looking at the first set of images that arrived in our mailbox (read here), we knew that this was some sort of devious viral marketing campaign.

It is true that these type of campaigns can be rather cheap and yet extremely effective. However, they can also backfire. And in our opinion, that's the case with Subaru's effort to promote / convince us that the latest Legacy is the opposite of the so-called 'beige' mid-size sedans.

We assume the creators of the campaign believed no one would figure out that the car buried under all that beige makeup was an older Kia Optima.

Mark this down as a big mistake, because once we found out, we were bound to make a comparison between the Legacy and the forthcoming 2011 Kia Optima (and not of course, its decade-old predecessor...).

And in our book, at least, in what concerns the looks department, the new Optima makes the Legacy seem beiger than Japan's beigest beige...

Now, wouldn't it be interesting if Kia responded with a 'beige' answer / commercial to Subaru's campaign?

Link: 2011 Mediocrity Sedan

______________________2011 MEDIOCRITY SEDAN______________________


_______________________2011 SUBARU LEGACY_______________________


__________________________2011 KIA OPTIMA__________________________


__________________________2004 KIA OPTIMA__________________________


Jenny said... »October 04, 2010

This is why I love marketing. Because when the guys at Subaru come up with some lame campaign using an old Kia, Kia's marketing guys can potentially come up with a home-run campaign that smashes the Subaru to bits. I can't wait to see them do it.

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

I quite like it

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

What a F%^&ing Ugly thing!!!!!!!!

And that Dryed up Poop color!!

FRACK, Don't even come Near here!

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

I'll give it to Subaru for their engines, but Subaru has some nerve to use a Kia. I hope Kia response to this campaign, because the new Optima kills the Subaru when it comes to looks.

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

I like the humor in this viral. They criticize a huge problem in many cars, they are boooooring (hello Toyota).
In fact i think it's a great campaign to Kia, the leap they have made in 6 years it's amazing...

PS: i love the dead squirrel in the third video, lol.

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

You got to be kidding me? Of course Subaru is the better car. It has better quality, better chassis, better engines, better driving dynamics and better interior. Kia has a new design language that will look dusty in 2 years. Subaru has character.

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

remember guys u get AWD for nearly the same price u pay even if u got the top of the line Optima(with the Turbo 4 banger) u still dont get the good AWD that Subaru offers !~

Anonymous said... »October 04, 2010

Subaru has one of the ugliest (especially the Legacy) and boring line up of cars on the market. That's really poor marketing. You can't find anything good to say about your cars (I guess AWD is getting old) so make fun of something from the past.

Really Subaru?

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

The only thing mediocre about the Subaru is it's styling,which is sad seeing as people would rather drive the rather good looking but more than likely bland as white bread to drive Optima than Legacy which on par with most German sport sedans in the drive department.It's a shame this marketing scheme fell on it's face,but the thing is it's true...

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

The 2011 Legacy grille, door handles, C pillar and chrome around the side windows are all identical to the 2004 Kia!

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

New Optima looks a hundred times more interesting than the Legacy. I think that's enough said. KIA did really come a long way from what was before.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

Kia may have an ok looking car, but they still are sub-mediocre. Style ok, manufacturing still bad. The Subaru advertising is a fun way to highlight "generic" cars blandness. I don't think they're specifically knocking Kia, but boring popular models.

Well done Subaru. Thanks for giving us something to think about.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

Wait ! You mean there's no 2011 Mediocrity ? Damn ! I had my deposit ready ....

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

I want the Mediocrity.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

It's in showrooms now at your local Lincoln/Mediocrity dealer!! (I think it used to be called the Milan; at least it looks better with this redesign, lol!)

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

Might I remind everyone here that Subaru has posted the largest increase in sales of any car manufacturer in the last two years, record breaking sales that is, and is on track to do it again for 2010... despite the current economic crisis,.. don't take it from me... I only work for the 3rd largest volume dealer in America. They may not be the prettiest cars out there, but they are the only car manufactuer ever to recieve top safety picks for every model they make and have the highest overall residual values (honda is no longer #1) Sounds like they're doing something right

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

..shows how despirate Subaru is getting to win back customers...

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

"Might I remind everyone here that Subaru has posted the largest increase in sales of any car manufacturer in the last two years, record breaking sales that is"

Oh noes! double digit sales gains on a downmarket non-mainstream brand that doesn't have double digit market share! It's easy to say nonsense like that when the brands sale volume is laughably small in NA. If you were Toyota, you might have something to shout about.

"don't take it from me... I only work for the 3rd largest volume dealer in America."

And you think your dealer make their way to the top riding on the back Subaru's "stunning sales success"? No, major mainstream brands do it and it's highly likely you're just riding the coat tails of your dealer main source of sales; likely one of the big 6.

"and have the highest overall residual values (honda is no longer #1)"

Since there is no indepedant authority that holds all above everything when it comes to resales values, find me the mainstream press article from a major mainstream automotive press site that shows that EVERY MODEL in the 2010 Subaru range beats everything else in their respective segment with reguards to residual value.

I'll tell you where you won't find it.


and here:

And not from ALG; ALG isn't even a press site. And even if you did try to us ALG, they only won best compact and midsize SUV.

Nothing for best compact car, best midsize car, best subcompact car, you know, shit that matters. I suppect because those distinctions went to other brands....those with signifigantly larger market share than what you're trying to hype.

"Sounds like they're doing something right"

Not when they have spin goons like you trying your hardest to drum up sales. Now get back to stockin' them shelves in the parts department.

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

This is a bit wrong on Subaru's part but it is a brilliant marketing campaign. I hope that Kia does something similar or with their Hampster's lol

Anonymous said... »October 05, 2010

What's up with KIA "hypesters" all over this blog?

Partiality FTW!

The truth is KIA is still mediocre. A good design (I don't like it but it seems a lot of people do) doesn't make a good car brand.

You guys can say that it's better than it used to be, with that I agree, but it's far far away from being a great manufacturer.

Anonymous said... »October 06, 2010

in response to the wannabe journalist above, funny how much time you actually spent copying and pasting my comment just to make uneducated comments back at me. First off, Subaru can't win 1st place in every segment, given they only make 5 models. I'm not even about to respond to every comment you made, it would just take too long and I have work to do, in the sales department, not parts department. Subaru's success is due to accolades like:

2010 Outback- motortrend crossover of the year
2010 Forester- motortrend SUV of the year, 2 years in a row
All models- NHTSA top safety picks, only car manufactuer ever to have all models designated top safety picks
ALG highest residual values
Consumer reports- most recomended brand to purchase

Anonymous said... »October 08, 2010

All of Kia's cars look like ripoffs. This optima looks like an accord.

Anonymous said... »October 10, 2010

Actually, I kind of like boring, nondescript cars...

Mark said... »October 10, 2010

I Love the add, I'm buying a New Kia Sportage. After owning 2 Subarus, a Tin Can on wheels, not going there again.

Anonymous said... »October 10, 2010

Good to see that Subaru is sticking to what they do, building the most boring cars in the world. Have they ever made a car you really want? I travel all over the USA and I just see them where people don't give a crap about what a car looks like as long as it has 4 wheels were good to go.

Johann said... »October 11, 2010

Like it or not Kia has moved up a lot in recent years. Their cars compete the best of the best from Japan and they don't even look like appliances. I wouldn't mind buying a Kia Sorento or even the new Optima...

Subaru is taking a downward slope. Their cars used to be these insane little innovative machines, now they're tamed, toned down, and in many aspects, ugly...

The only Subaru I could only think of buying is an Impreza and that's only because of Ken Block.

Anonymous said... »October 12, 2010

The marketing campaign is brilliant, despite what anyone may think of Subaru.

Ο Αιρετικός - The Heretic said... »October 17, 2010

KdF-Wagen (VW for those who choose to ignore or downplay its historical roots) does this all the time; they did it to promote the Golf Mk IV; the Golf's opponent in those TV commercials was the Peugeot 307.

Anonymous said... »October 21, 2010

The comments so far prove Subaru and the Marketing department right. Marketing is the art of creating a response. 2011 mediocrity has done that

It is amazing how Many people on this site love KIA, the whole campaign is sarcastic and ironic.
I don't think Subaru is crushing their brand at all, frankly they barely compete with each other. The both are niche players that fill very specific segments. KIA low cost attractive transportation. And Subaru, all wheel drive, safety, stylish and good value.

AvgasStew said... »October 27, 2010

I eagerly await a response of the Kia Rio features versus the Subaru Justy lack off......

Anonymous said... »October 29, 2010

I live in Bozeman Montana and every telecommuting granola California import here drives their Subaru Outback around, drinking "fair trade" coffee, while playing "cowboy" with their carharts on. Subaru's are mediocre personified. (never understood the whole idea of fair trade... if it happens in a marketplace and a profit is made then someone won and someone lost and that in essence is unfair. There isn't ant trading going on hippies!)

Anonymous said... »February 25, 2011

Look at google pictures of rear of an old kia pride sedan and old subaru sedans. They looked the same hahahaha :)

Nope said... »February 21, 2012

Smashes subaru to bits,!!   go back to the kitchen, and make sure the clock is working.

Columbiaguy said... »February 21, 2012

Desperate Subaru?  what a douche!!

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