New Proton Inspira: The Malaysian Lancer Officially Launched


Proton has officially unveiled its Mitsubishi Lancer-derived Inspira mid-sizer, after its soft launch to the public and media in late October. Since then Proton has received over 1,800 bookings from customers around Malaysia in anticipation of its market launch this month.

The new model is the result of an OEM collaboration (the word "rebadge" sounds nastier...) between PROTON and Mitsubishi Japan, the latter providing the mechanical and design basis and the former tweaking the model for the Malaysian market.

Among those changes are the signature Proton grille and -according to the Malaysian company- the incorporation of Lotus DNA in the Inspira's ride and handling.

Dato' Sri Mohd. Nadzmi Mohd, the Chairman of Proton parent corporation Proton Holdings Berhad, explains:

"PROTON is ready to move even further ahead to become a recognised player in the global automotive industry. We have been working and collaborating with Mitsubishi for the last 25 years and its a natural step forward for us to continue to work with them in this project. One of our product strategy is to introduce non-core models through strategic collaborations which provides a more efficient, timely, and cost effective product to the market. The Proton Inspira is an excellent example of this strategic collaboration."

Proton Holdings Berhad's Managing Director Dato' Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir is equally enamoured with the new model:

"The enormous level of interest shown since we first announced the introduction of the new model is certainly a big sign of approval from car buyers. PROTON would like to thank all those who have placed a booking for the Inspira and believe me, they will not be disappointed with the new generation of Proton cars coming their way."

The Inspira uses Mitsubishi's existing 1.8 and 2.0 Liter MIVEC engines, the latter of which is only available with the CVT transmission. Scroll down for the image gallery that includes pictures from the official brochure and a video from the presentation.

By Tristan Hankins





Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

Not too shabby! Liking the Chrysler 200 better, but this Mazda6 looking sedan has character of its own. Will it be sold worldwide, I hope. Like the 200, it is different enough to standout.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

Hahahaha, this car looks a million times better than the 200 boohoooohooo

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

the car looks better than the lancer, because of the stately grille, but it has the same dull shape.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

i agree with the first responder, but this vehicle is down market of chrysler. i see a bit of mazda at the rear and subaru elsewhere, but it is little more than a glorified lancer.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

boohoooohooo??? are we twelve?

i think the trim differentiates it enough from mitsubishi, but unless something else is lurking underneath or a higher level of refinement is offered, it will fail miserably.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

yeah, the only think in common it has with chrysler is four wheels, an engine and a distinctive line that gives the side some distinction. the 200c should be competitive with larger cars(i.e. accord, camry, mazda3).the proton is closer in size to the civic, corolla, mazda6), if based on the lancer.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

the trunk seems massive enough, but little else appeals to me.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

this car that i never heard of before now has more or less appear than a nissan versa, chevy cruze, ford focus or near every other small car out there. the civic is still pretty nice even though it will be replaced soon. subaru has the advantage of added traction and can be had in a sedan or with a hatch.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

at a rental car agency near you!

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

OMG! apples to oranges, poster #1. maybe the caliber or cobalt or even focus.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

"boohoooohooo??? are we twelve?"

omg, dude, i never laughed so loud. cry baby or what? wish he'd stick to cars and let people voice there own opinions.

enough said about that...

now, why i log on: CARS!!! novel, eh?

i have rented lancers and they are not bad. no mitsu dealers around here and only tend to see them when traveling. i often get versa rentals, but laugh when i am "upgraded" to a cobalt or lancer. the versa, btw, can swallow more, unless you get stuck with a sedan.

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010

cheap, like its brethren!

Anonymous said... »November 13, 2010


Anonymous said... »November 14, 2010

are you guys from the secluded area?
It seems to me people responded here are from Malaysia and never seen the Mitsubishi Lancer.
Mitsubishi has been selling this car as Lancer world wide for at least 3 years, there is nothing special about this car!! It's kind of boring and this is just a copy cat, nothing is from Proton anyway!!!

Anonymous said... »November 14, 2010

^ i must admit, i only see mitsubishi vehicles like the lancer outside of my home region. most people nearby buy local and with the closest dealer hours away, fear not being able to have the car serviced at any other new car dealership. also, lancers and such seem to be rental car favorites and if people rarely travel, they may not be familiar with them or perhaps the cars too plain jane from them to notice one or remember it.

Anonymous said... »November 14, 2010

proton is government owned, hence to protect the local market malaysia has ridiculous import tariffs on foreign cars.

Anonymous said... »November 15, 2010

after 25 years, the Proton's products is still "rebadge"; while that of Korean has made Proton bite its dust!

Anonymous said... »November 16, 2010

Proton--shame on you. You are NOT a car manufacturer; but car assembler!

Anonymous said... »November 23, 2010

I will buy one

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