It Came From Japan: Ferrari F40 Stretch Limousine


Pop quiz, hot shot; what’s better than a replica Ferrari F40? If you said an actual Ferrari F40, then you are dead wrong. The correct answer is a replica Ferrari F40 limousine. Fortunately (for us), such things actually exist.

So where would one find such an automotive monstrosity? In Japan, of course! You know, the country that brought us the Mitsuoka Orochi, melon flavored chocolate and a pillow shaped like a kneeling woman’s lap.

With an asking price of just ¥580 (US$6.90) - which is either a misprint or how much confidence the seller has in this vehicle’s worth - this remarkable collision of Japanese underpinnings and European style comes with a CD changer, air conditioning, power steering and windows, keyless entry, sunroof, ABS, an anti-theft system, 19-inch wheels and leather bucket seats. Not to mention the “hearty” 1.6 L powerplant under the hood.

Admittedly, it’s probably nothing more than a Honda Accord or Toyota Corolla under all that new bodywork (the seller says it's a 1989 model), but come on - for US$6.90, what did you expect? As always, take a look at our gallery and let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Link: Goo-Net



Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

I just barfed in my mouth a little bit.

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

This did NOT come from Japan. It came from HELL!

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

Exactly what Ferrari would have received if Ferrari had asked Orange County Choppers to create a four-door Ferrari.

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

The idea is hideous of course but I have to admit... it looks good.

carkingdom said... »December 08, 2010

Replica Ferrari F40 called EVA20 had been based on the first generation of Toyota MR2(AE11). Only 2 were ever built and had to halt production as they were sued by Ferrari. This is one of two EVA20 that had been converted into a limousine...

Photos of EVA20 can be seen on this link.


Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

Ill give them 9.00 usd !

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

This ls a funny way to make a replica. It dont look like one of all these strange FIERO-based wannabees!
I like it! ;-)

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

I'll have that for 6 bucks 90, thank you very much...

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

"I just barfed in my mouth a little bit."

thats so cliché. try saying something else will you?

Enter MY Style said... »December 08, 2010

I would pay 6.90 for it. But only 6.90. not 6.91. Just 6.90

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

At least they didn't do that to a real F40...

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

I'm glad they didn't use the original, and yes, I would pay $7 for it. I'm very generous.

Anonymous said... »December 08, 2010

I'll pay them $10 and take the seats only.

Stephen said... »December 08, 2010

It says it is available for 580 man Yen. Now "man" is Japanese for "10,000", so the true price is 580 x 10,000 Yen, which is 5.8 million Yen.

Anonymous said... »December 09, 2010

Do anihilate it please. Anihilate it by the means of a pyrotechnic rapid oxidation.

Anonymous said... »December 09, 2010

"thats so cliché. try saying something else will you?"

Hello!!? It's obvious that person was using humour akin to suggesting the movie Dodgeball is a masterpiece. The analogy is fitting. Most of us got it; apparently you didn't. Degrading the final work of Enzo Ferrari's F40 by making a replica stretch-limo is extremely insulting. What are you? Two? Grow up.

Anonymous said... »December 12, 2010

man they got it almost spot on for a replica in mean the front & the rear is pretty good im going to ask them how much for a none limo type with a v6 turbo something like a supra engine 1500hp will do for starts ;-)

Anonymous said... »December 12, 2010

58 mil yen?this just degrades ferrari dont forget ship to italy and theyll smash!!!{privately}

Anonymous said... »December 12, 2010

not sure bout this but its probably 690 k and ill take my 2 rollers for the money thank u

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

next on when good cars turn gay. . .

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