Mercedes-Benz Patents Designs of Smart Roadster Model


Back in 2001 at the Geneva Motor Show, Smart introduced a quirky roadster concept with no doors, no roof and no windscreen called the Crossblade. The Fortwo Cabrio-based concept eventually went into a limited series production the following year with Smart offering a total of 2,000 cars.

Fast-forward to today, and Smart appears to be readying a spiritual successor to the Crossblade as the firm's parent company Mercedes-Benz has trademarked these designs drawings of a two-seater roadster model.

Unlike the original Crossblade, which came without doors featuring instead steel safety bars at passenger shoulder height that swing upwards with the help of a gas-operated struts, the roadster model seen in these pictures gets a conventional set of doors. It also features a larger wind deflector surrounding the driver and passenger as well as Smart's trademark Tridion Safety Cell - albeit redesigned to look like separate safety bars.

Unfortunately, the patent filing does not provide any information on the vehicle other than that the designs were submitted on November 16, 2010. However, unless it's a previous study we're not aware of, we'd say the car seen here is a new concept model (maybe for Detroit in January or Geneva in March) that could preview a production vehicle as well as the styling of the next generation Smart Fortwo series.



_______________________2002 SMART CROSSBLADE_____________________


Anonymous said... »December 31, 2010

Name: Smart ForFail (:

Anonymous said... »December 31, 2010

Smart Roadster or Smart Toadster?

Anonymous said... »December 31, 2010

bettin odds you have never seen a real crossblade on the road

Anonymous said... »January 02, 2011

The headlights and taillights have the same design....interesting.....

Anonymous said... »January 02, 2011

maybe they just never treadmark it before and is now just getting around to either way this is the best death machine rolling on wheels i have ever seen..i wouldn't want to get hit by a 18 wheeler in that..tunker big wheels toys look bigger then this

Anonymous said... »January 06, 2011

Think the latest sales figures for the Smart and the similar toyota iq shows that motorists don't like these little cars!

Goddam... it takes HOW MANY tries to post a comment on this shitty website!

Isaias Valencia said... »September 21, 2011
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