New Hyundai Veloster Coupe: First Official Teaser Photo and Video Released Ahead of Detroit Show

It won't be long before we get to see the production version of the 2007 Veloster Concept as Hyundai has launched a mini site counting down the days and hours left before the small coupe makes its world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show in mid-January.

The road-going model will keep the concept car's Veloster nameplate, while according to the official teaser video, it will be equipped with a modern direct-injection engine linked to a dual-clutch transmission with an estimated 40mpg fuel consumption (5.8 lt/100km).

That's about all Hyundai had to share with us for now, however, we do know from previous reports that the engine in question will most likely be a 1.6-liter unit producing around 140-horsepower, while spy shots (see here) suggest that Veloster will feature asymmetric body with two doors on the passenger side of the car and a single, longer door on the driver side.

The closest rival for the new Hyundai Veloster Coupe is the Honda CR-Z hybrid.

Source: Hyundai , Via: Jalopnik



Anonymous said... »December 22, 2010

Lamps look like somethiing from porsche.

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2010

Here's some design trivia:the hood will probably be raised with the cockpit,and panels with porsche-like headlamps will flow with the door and part of the back.

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2010

anon #1&2 is there any part of this is a carry over from the 2007 concept you guyz dont understand?.....stop d comparo with porsche guyz jeez! d car isn't even out yet

Anonymous said... »December 22, 2010

Dude,that's not true!I'm not doing that.Look close it's just the headlamps!

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2010

i hate teasers...

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2010

Not too exciting. They need some Korean lesbians to show this thing off.

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2010

2 door on the passenger side, 1 door on the driver side.

Its an unusual configuration.

It will also have a 205bhp 1.6 Turbo charged GDI in the future. Launching with a 1.6 GDI engine with 140 hp but 40mpg highway.

Dual clutch transmission (Hyundai built and Hyundai's first)

Anonymous said... »December 23, 2010

The comparison to Porsche design in the first two posts is actually a compliment to how far Hyundai has progressed since their early days in the U.S. Hopefully the Veloster will be as big a hit and as big a bargain as their recent new offerings. Can't wait to test drive one! I'm still not sold on dual clutch transmissions however. I've owned a vehicle with one and driven others and they all can be a bit quirky.

Anonymous said... »December 24, 2010

@ anon 8
I don't think comparison to Porsche design is a compliment thing. Porsche needs to take a look at Hyundai to bring variety and consistent great heart-winning designs.

Anonymous said... »December 27, 2010

Exactly.anon 9.And for the last time,I'm not comparing to porsche!

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