Chinese Man Commissions US$666,000 Gold Trimmed Fiat 500 C Abarth with Diamond iPad


An incredibly wealthy Chinese businessman has commissioned Italian tuning firm Fenice Milano to build a one-of-a-kind Fiat 500 Convertible Abarth inspired by the 'La Dolce Vita' concept study we first showed you back in October 2010. The bespoke 500 C Abarth is named "La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp" and according to Fenice Milano, the car will cost a breathtaking €500,000 or about US$666,000 at current exchange rates.

The starting point of the build is a Fiat 500 Convertible Abarth. As the car's name suggests, at the unnamed client's request, there is abundant use of gold. On the outside, the golden pearlescent white painting includes 24K gold particles while the precious material also adorns the body trim and wheels. The electric fabric roof top is finished in black.

Inside, Fenice Milano has completely overhauled the 500 C Abarth's interior. For starters, the redesigned steering wheel has the outer ring made of teak wood and comes with 24k gold inserts. The original carpet floor was replaced with handmade teak wood while the center console is embellished with a gold framed instrument panel, more wood and 24K gold inserts.

The redesigned seats are also sewn with the precious material, the interior elements are full grain leather and natural-colored Alcantara with handmade on sight stitching.

One of the most eye catching items is the Apple iPad Supreme Edition made in 24k gold and diamonds by English designer Stuart Hughes. The removable Ipad is positioned on the upper section of the center console and provides a complete interaction of the device with the car. It is fitted with a GPS navigation system, an audio system that can handle MP3 and all Ipod features and also an internet connection run by wi-fi and a appropriate sim card.

In partnership with Romeo Ferraris, the Italian tuning firm also applied some performance upgrades to the car including an engine kit with a new turbine, a complete exhaust system and an ECU tune, lifting the 1.4-liter motor's output from 140HP to 200HP, plus a set of Brembo brakes and a sports suspension.

Being such an expensive build, the handover of the "La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp" to its new owner won't be a simple transaction. "The future owner wants the delivery of his new “little treat” to be made in absolute concealment, in a jewelry shop owned by a friend, as depicted in the animation video," said Fenice Milano in a statement. Video and photos follow after the break.





Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

It's the Devil's car!

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

State Money?

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

A standard Fiat 500C would do me just fine!

Wonder what other cars this guy has to spend 500k EUR on a Fiat?

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

I hope this Chinese man donates as much to charities and disaster relieves in China.

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

Can you imagine this in 10 years' time? What would a 2001 Fiat Seicento Sporting with a sunroof covered in gold be worth today? It appears that we have quite a lot to fear from the Chinese....

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

The headline should read "Stupid man with more money than taste ruins small car"

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

Another carscoop photoshop feature. Great.

Braddo said... »January 17, 2011

Ridiculous - I hope he feels guilty for wasting so much precious money on something so small and cheap looking..

Geoff said... »January 17, 2011

That really is just stupid. I don't understand what the attraction is to do this sort of thing. Brings to mind "more money than brains"

Anonymous said... »January 18, 2011

Drugs are bad MMMMMKAY?
don't take drugs and design Fiats MMMMKAY?

Anonymous said... »January 18, 2011

Not for gwai-lo...

Tiriolocz said... »September 26, 2011

he likes the car I wish I could the same

Sushi Ninja said... »April 16, 2012


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