Embarrassing Replica of Rolls Royce Phantom Built on BMW 750i V12 E32


This custom monstrosity of a Rolls Royce Phantom replica is based on one of the last elegant BMW 7-Series models, the late 1980s-early 1990s E32, and was found for sale on a Polish used car website. There are so many things wrong with the build that we don't know where to start, but the flashy Rolls Royce sticker on the steering wheel could take the prize for being the worst item on the car...

The Phantom clown clone is built on a V12-powered 750i with the seller asking a laughable €56,653 (around US$75,500 at today's exchange rates) for the car. More photos after the break.

Source: Otomoto via Motofilm



Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

Leave it to a Pollock. LOL

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Former Russian states etc etc etc etc BIG LOL!

Tzvetan Mihaylov said... »January 15, 2011

It's hidious! It should be banned for life from every road&motorway in in THE WORLD!

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

If they hadn't destroyed a perfectly good 7 series, I might have given him a couple of grand for it. But 56 big ones for a travesty like that? Not gonna happen. If anybody buys this, then they should both get together and be the real life dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

Oh my

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

BMW 7 Series????
No can't see it all I can see is that pure elegant style and panache of the rolls royce phantom!!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha oh I'm crying!!!

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

Love the photo with a dog in it

Braddo said... »January 15, 2011

Wow the interior looks just like a roller - and the steering wheel badge looks great - NOT! what a terrible terrible waste of money and time...

Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011


Anonymous said... »January 15, 2011

Very case anyone is wondering what the license plate says - it means "Young Couple"

SHL said... »January 16, 2011

Um, sorry for that car, really. Anyway you can find cars such like that anywhere around the world.

Anonymous said... »January 16, 2011

I've seen worse conversions. All of you BMW fanboys must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today. I agree that this was a terrible thing to do to a V12-750i; but I believe that your bias toward the "ultimate driving machine" is influencing your opinions (as if BMW fanboys need to be more opinionated). Losers.

Anonymous said... »January 16, 2011

it means: "young steam" i guess, but anyway, it's definetely "young" and imature...

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

What's wrong if a young pollack wants to have fun in his garage?

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

How ironic... given RR is under BMW... the guy should have spent his money to good use... to buy a new Phantom...

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

Not "Young Couple" but "Just Married". There is the same thing with translation like with making replicas. There are some important details.

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

to the creator : your mother are a disgrace to your country!

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

In soviet Poland Royce ROLLS you!

Kill it, kill it with fire!

I has a sad, and I barfed a little in my mouth when I saw it!
Anymore memes?

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011


Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

Yuck, that's horror...
And guy's, poland was never part of Soviet Union ;P

Anonymous said... »January 17, 2011

All the panels are made from hand-beaten Kielbasa.

jayendra said... »January 22, 2011

this car has spoilt the hertage of bmw and RR

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Bill_deluca14 said... »February 21, 2012

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Anonymous said... »July 04, 2012

I would buy it but only drive it at night lol

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