Mitsubishi CS Design Concept for a Sporty-Looking Colt Replacement by Gábor Farkas


What you see here is a very well executed and almost production ready-looking concept study penned as a replacement for the Mitsubishi Colt supermini, which was sent to Carscoop by independent designer Gábor Farkas. Called the Mitsubishi CS, the Ford Fiesta-sized concept model blends select styling cues from the Japanese brand's most recent models such as the Lancer's so-called shark nose with an aggressive body shape boasting curvalicious details.

Gábor's more production, less concept approach is continued in the interior which is partially inspired by the Outlander Sport (called ASX in Europe and RVR in Japan).

Here's what Gábor Farkas had to say about his creation:

"During the winter holiday I had some time to speculate and this is how I imagine a Colt successor that Mitsubishi fans could like. When designing the conceptCS, the main goal was to summon the spirit of its ancestors. The design concept revives the Colt CA (92-96) with a touch of the C50 (88-92) model at the front, wrapped in Mitsubishi's new jet-fighter design language. The interior is similar to that of the Outlander Sport/ASX/RVR."

Designer: Gábor Farkas



Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

Good looking concept.

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

Heh, anything would be better than the current Colt, but this actually looks good.

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

Looks good but I'm kind of getting tired of all the mitsubishi's looking alike. I understand the design language is the jet fighter "shark nose" grille but at least change the headlamps and interiors up so you can differentiate between the vehicles because this looks no different from say the outlander sport and lancer sportback. Now if they would of came out with the concept CT to replace the colt then yes...

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

So impressive. Bloody Brilliant. We have a winner.

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

looks like the 5-door cruze concept!

Dimitris said... »January 03, 2011

Looks like a 3 door Citroen C3

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

That's hot. There will be lots of happy little blond girls driving around in those. Making them even hotter.

cliffordloh said... »January 03, 2011

To retain or not to retain the "shark nose"...

Anonymous said... »January 03, 2011

please quit making them all look the same in the front. D:

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

It's Galant Fortis Hatchback.
good work

ben said... »January 04, 2011

get an audi a1 which is actually "real" and looks the same..

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

Great job, highly branded yet unique.

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

the alloys are also fantastic

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

looks like Proton Satria Neo. definitely!

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

View from the side and front, Audi A1 clone.

Anonymous said... »January 04, 2011

Hungarian design.

Anonymous said... »January 05, 2011

proton satria neo! yes..thats it..

Anonymous said... »January 06, 2011


Anonymous said... »January 06, 2011


Anonymous said... »January 07, 2011

Good looking car, though the interior is a bit plain and dated compared to most new cars. It would be *real* cool if they could make it a true coupe' and eliminate the B-pillar.

Anonymous said... »January 09, 2011

Mitsubishi It!

ES said... »December 05, 2011

Great looking concept. Only thing I would like to see different is the rear bumper, too much silver. I think the rear bumper should have a flat black area in a trapezoidal shape where the license plate would attach to compliment the front grill/air dam, it would also give it a sportier look from the back.

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