Audi RS3 Sedan Concept: First Real Life Photos Surface Online


We've already seen teaser sketches of Audi's new A3 Sedan Concept, but tonight, the first real life photos of the design study started circulating around the web ahead of its world premiere at the 2011 Geneva Salon . While Audi prefers to call the concept the A3 Sedan, the RS3 Sedan moniker sounds more appropriate given the RS3 Sportback-sourced 2.5-liter turbocharged five-pot with 408 ponies lurking under the bonnet.

Audi's new concept study has a dual role as it previews both the design direction of the next generation A3 and the new four-door saloon body style that will be added to the range alongside the three-door hatchback, five-door Sportback and convertible models.

The A3 saloon measures 4.44 meters (14.57 feet) long, 1.84 meters (6.04 feet) wide and just 1.39 meters (4.56 feet) high, so it's slightly smaller than the new Volkswagen Jetta (4.64 m long).

Audi's presentation at the Geneva Motor Show will take place on Tuesday, March 1, so stay tuned on Carscoop for more photos and details.

Source: Worldcarfans



Anonymous said... »February 28, 2011

Very nice. The interior does not appear too sporty from the renderings - did they go to the "puck" design for the shifter - ala Jaguar?

Anonymous said... »February 28, 2011

Beautiful proportions!

Anonymous said... »February 28, 2011


Anonymous said... »February 28, 2011

Place in photocopier then enlarge or reduce as per supply and demand

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2011

I hate Audis for being all the same and so bloody perfect. In short: Boring.
But my god, that is a beautiful piece of design. Congratulations.

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2011

Rear is and sholder line seem to look like the i45 only sharper.

Anonymous said... »March 01, 2011

Almost looks like a Seat with an Audi badge

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