New Lancia Grand Voyager Minivan is a Rebadged Chrysler, and Yes, this Picture Too Appears to be a Chop


The third Chrysler model to wear a Lancia badge is the Town & Country minivan, which replaces the Phedra and will premiere alongside the Thema and the Flavia concepts at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Fiat Group decided to keep the European market name of the Town & Country, calling it the Lancia Grand Voyager.

The Italian firm's American people carrier measures a hefty 5.14 metres in length, 1.99 metres in width and 1.72 metres tall, and rides on a 3.1 meter-long wheelbase. When European sales start later this year, it will be available in three trim levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) and and two engine options, the Euro 5-compliant 283 HP 3.6-liter V6 petrol unit and the more appropriate for European consumers, 2.8-liter CRD diesel with particulate filter as standard delivering 163 HP and 360Nm.

Lancia says the petrol model returns an average fuel consumption of 12.3 lt/100km (19.1 mpg US), while the diesel version, 8.4 lt/100km (28 mpg US) with CO2 emissions of 227 g/km.

On a side note, as is the case with the Lancia Flavia Convertible image, the solitary official photo of the Grand Voyager also appears to be a doctored picture of the Chrysler Town & Country, which can be proved -among other things- by the identical reflections on the chrome trim on the profile and the door handles, the position of the wheels, and the apparently fake logos on the alloys.



Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

Really hilarious!
But no matter how ridiculous this comes up,
it is great news that after so many years Lancia gets this new (or is it old?) model in their line-up:
apparently they replaced the Peugeot/Citroen/Fiat rebadged Lancia Phedra with this Chrysler rebadged Grand Voyager.

They 'd better have killed Lancia!

SamuraiJack said... »February 14, 2011

These new Lancias must be the laziest attempts at badge engineering I have ever seen.

Absolutely disgraceful!

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

All "new" Lancia are FAIL!!!!
Please kill Lancia, because this will be the best for all!

Why do the italians think that european people want to buy rebadged chryslers when they even dont buy "original" chryslers till today!?!?!?!

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

@anon "till today"? I guess you are german...
so let me explain it to you; it's called market study. They probably figured out that there is a market for this vehicle for VIP transport, rental agencies, etc

As far as those markets go, this is by far one of the top 3 Minivans out there, so I bet it will sell well (again, within that market)

zerozero said... »February 14, 2011

The all new Lancia is alive in kicking in the Ypsilon, just seen the official pics and it is one sophisticated looking small car, makes the Fiesta look seriously gauche.

So what about all the re-badging going on, it's better to have both Lancia AND Chrysler then not at all.

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

@ anon #4 does it matter if he´s german or not? Guess your german isn´t perfect, is it!?

These cars are hilarious. Sorry, they didn´t even bother to put a Lancia grille on the car. Sorry, they didn´t even bother to put a Lancia badge on these cars, they just photoshopped them.
I bet you these cars are not going to sell at all. People that consider a Lancia don´t want a rebadged Chrysler. And these names (ie Falvia) are historic so they don`t fit these cars at all.
Look at what happened to Saab and Saab´s where a bit more than rebadged Opels.

Who cares about market studies??? What about the Mercedes R-Class, the BMW 5-series GT, the Renault Avantime?? They had market studies done before entering the market, never the less no one buys (or bought) them.
This is just a big FAIL just as the market study saying there is a market for these.

Another german.

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

At least Aston Martin did the crap badge engineering trick right and stole a car that wasn't from a crap company

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

"At least Aston Martin did the crap badge engineering trick right and stole a car that wasn't from a crap company"

Doesn't matter about the company; the Cygnet is still a crap car just like the iQ.

Badge engineering cannot be excused.

Anonymous said... »February 14, 2011

Driving Chrysler Grand Voyagers ever since they are on the market have always been reliable, comfortable and long lasting pleasure. Especially for long distance travel as I do it. My second car was an italian make (FIAT) and foremost reason I bought only US cars thereafter. Guess, whether I am going to buy a "spaghetti-van" after my present Grand Voyager expired..?

Anonymous said... »February 15, 2011

Great topics of conversation for my next lunch meeting with Sergio...

Rich said... »February 16, 2011

I think that many of you have missed the point here. What you have what is essentially the same car wearing different brand names in different markets. They will be Chryslers in North America, the UK and Ireland, Lancias in the rest of the world, essentially Europe.

You can read my take on what's really going with the merging of Chrysler at Lancia on at I tend to see this differently than most of the people posting here, and think that it will help Chrysler export North American-built product while revitalizing Lancia, which as some people point out, might be dead otherwise.

Anonymous said... »June 21, 2011

What everyone is forgetting is that this van is already being sold as a Volkswagen also. With the Lancia version in the mix, it will be interesting to see how much longer Chrysler will be making minivans for Volkswagen.

Francesco said... »August 12, 2011

Aggiungerei: W la figa

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