Dutch Man Builds Alfa Romeo GTV Bi-Motore with Two V6 Engines and 487HP [with Videos]


“What do you do when the power of an engine is no longer sufficient?” asks Stephan Lenior, the man behind Squadra Tuning, on his company’s website. While the solution for the majority would have been a heavily modified or perhaps a completely different engine altogether, for the owner of the Alfa Romeo tuning company based in Holland, the answer to that question was far more radical and complex.

To make a very long story short, Stephan’s solution to u the performance of his Alfa Romeo GTV V6 involved the fitment of a second six-cylinder engine at the back. Easier said than done of course, with the project turning out to be a rather complicated and time-consuming process.

Stephan documented the entire build on his company’s website and if our Google’s translation is correct (any help from our Dutch speaking readers would be appreciated, especially on the matter of the transmission), Stephan took a 3.2-liter V6 along with the sub frame and suspension bits from an Alfa Romeo 166 and placed them in the rear section of the Italian coupe. Together with the GTV’s front-mounted 3.0-liter V6, the two engines produce a combined output of 487-horsepower.

We are not entirely sure on this one, but it appears that the GTV is equipped with two 5-speed gearboxes, both sourced from a Lancia Kappa 2.4 JTD, and controlled by a single gear shifter.

The car also features a set of front disc brakes from the 166 mounted at the back, while the builder tried to compensate for the increased weight of the second powertrain by replacing certain components such as the powered seats and standard alloys with lighter equivalents, and removing unnecessary amenities like the air-condition and sound insulation.

Surprisingly, Stephan kept the GTV’s exterior look stock with the only telling feature about the build being the air vents on the boot.

The owner claims that the Alfa Romeo GTV Bi-Motore can accelerate from zero to 100km/h (62mph) in about 4.5 seconds and to 200km/h (124mph) in approximately 14 seconds, while theoretically topping out at around 290km/h (180mph), though for obvious reasons, Stephan has not yet tried to push the car -and his luck- to the limit.

Source: Squada-Tuning , Videos: Youtube

Specifications [Translated from Dutch]:

Engines: 1 x 3.0 24v, 3.2 24v x 1 Total: 6138 cc, 487 hp @ 6200 rpm, 577 Nm @ 5000 RPM
Gearboxes: 2 x 5-gears Lancia Kappa 2.4 JTD.
Front suspension: Koni yellow with Novitec GTV springs. Torsion rod GTV
Suspension rear: Alfa 166 with Koni yellow on height and size. Torsion bar 166 3.0
ABS brakes with original working
Brakes front: 330 mm original GTA Upgrade
Rear Brakes 278 mm original Alfa 166 2.4 JTD equipped with adjustable maximum brake pressure
Hydraulic handbrake.
Wheels and tires: OZ Ultraleggera with Pirelli PZero Nero 225/45 ZR 17 94W.
Fuel tank 90 liters, 2 fuel pumps
Exhaust system: exhaust system with 2 times EPS catalyst, oxygen sensor 4 times.
Curb mass: 1680 kg (with half full fuel tank)
Performance: top speed probably between 290 and 300 km / h in fifth gear at 6500 RPM 292 km / hour.
Acceleration 0-100 + / - 4.5 sec. 0-200: + / - 14.0 sec





Anonymous said... »March 07, 2011

Yeah...what he said. All joking aside, this is one nice sleeper. America, set aside your TV remotes, your game controllers, your stupid iPads where you're only playing games, and get to know what STEM means; then indulge in it.

RDS said... »March 08, 2011

He speak English or his own language ? :\
Some moment of the video sounds like English but some not .

Anyway , that's seriously a sleeper ... a Alfa with 2x 3.0-liter V6 , could be count as 6.0-liter V12 already .

Anyway , too bad there seems like no where to start only one of the 2 engine .

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2011

How does this thing work? The engines are transverse, how did he connect the drive train? What about the transmission? etc. ?

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2011

It is not the first time a car is equipped with two engines.

As far as I remember there is at least one example of a 2-engines model developped in-house officially by a car maker (I am talking about the SEAT brand which in the '80s had developped and taken part in tracks with an official race car (SEAT Panda model) with two engines).

Anonymous said... »March 08, 2011

Espect - Njoy!!

Marko said... »March 08, 2011

we here in Croatia have a man who built a vw lupo with two vw 2.8L 24v v6 engines,custom rollcage,front brakes from a porsche cayenne,rears from an audi rs2 with g4 r32 discs,18" oz ultra's, 200hp of nitrous,and a bi-turbo kit for each of the engines is in plan...

here are the vids to prove it :)

and almost the whole project in pics:

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2011

Not the first time this has been done as stated before. Car and Driver magazine, under the watchful eye of MIT-trained engineer turned magazine editor Csaba Csere, build a twin engined Honda CRX in the 80s. If memory serves, the title of the article was something like "Hubba Hubba Honda Honda". He specifically addressed the coordinated shifting of the dual transmissions.

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2011

Pretty toit for a fricking Dutch bashtard! Aushhtin Powazh would love dish car.

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2011

I saw an Audi TT done out with 2 engines. Possibly easier done in that case as it was already a 4WD platform?

Anyway cool stuff. My old man wants to put two engines in a Renault 4L.

Anonymous said... »March 09, 2011

Mercedes A Class (W168) AMG A38 (2 Engines,250 Hp, 250 Km/h):

Guest said... »August 23, 2011

Nice&creative work!!!!!!!!!!! Even one engine by Giuseppe Busso is great!!!!!!!!!!! 
Haha english!!!!! Dutch belongs to same language family as english,swedish and german but do you really think he's trying to speak english????? This world we live in is not only angloamerican - did you know that???

Guest said... »August 23, 2011

This is dutch language and it's not the same as one 6 litre. Think about the weight balance and the power distribution...

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