VIDEO: Ferrari Drops FF Press Cars at Ski Resort with a Chinook Helicopter


Over the next few weeks, some 200 handpicked journalists from all over the world will have the opportunity to try out Ferrari’s latest creation, the new FF sports car. Usually, a Ferrari presentation of this kind would take place at a race circuit, but not this time as Maranello chose the Plan De Corones ski resort in Italy to tout its new four-seater model’s all-wheel drive capabilities.

Being that the ski resort can only be reached by ski-lifts, Ferrari commissioned the help of the Italian air force to transport the two press cars at the top of Plan De Corones at 2,350 metres. A CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter from Viterbo’s 1st Regiment Antares and three Agusta 205 helicopters from the 4th Regiment Altair from the Italian air force in Bolzano, assisted Ferrari in moving the cars to the Dolomites. You can watch the air-lift in the video after the break.





Anonymous said... »March 10, 2011

Nice promo - awkward looking car.

Anonymous said... »March 11, 2011

yes yes yes, so Ferrari can make a car that drives in the snow like a 1981 Audi Quattro or some other 4x4, now what? suv? mini car? mini van with 6 DVDs? 8 wheels drive in case the car flips over?...Ferrari should concentrate on what Ferrari does best, race car!

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