Mercedes-Benz AMG Ad Asks the Question: Rosberg or Schumacher?


It seems that the Mercedes Grand Prix team has made a habit of offering a commercial ahead of each Formula 1 race. With the Malaysian GP scheduled this weekend, Mercedes has released a new funny episode showcasing the Rosberg – Schumacher rivalry.

The clip is called “Decision” and features a pregnant woman about to give birth and her husband left on the side of the road by a damaged car. Out of nowhere, Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher come to her rescue, each behind the wheel of an AMG Mercedes. But then a new problem appears: which one to choose?

Scroll down to watch the amusing dialogue and also check out the first episode of the series, released two weeks ago ahead of the Australian GP. Let's just hope the new ad will bring the team more luck than the first, as both Mercedes GP drivers failed to finish the Melbourne race.

By Dan Mihalascu



Anonymous said... »April 09, 2011

Can I have Loeb???

SamuraiJack said... »April 09, 2011

Brilliant, at least they have a sense of humour

Anonymous said... »April 09, 2011


Lupica George said... »April 10, 2011

Going for decisions like these is difficult but I do love the new clip just as much as the older one.

Anonymous said... »April 10, 2011

EPIC! Both of the clips! Simply EPIC!

Anonymous said... »April 10, 2011

Hadn't Ford done exactly the same story in a commercial for the Focus with Carlos Sainz?

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