SCOOP: New Audi RS4 Avant Snagged Testing on the Nurburgring


It looks like Audi has set its mind to fill all the performance niches in the premium category. Following news on the development of a hot S6 based on the latest iteration of Ingolstadt’s executive mid-size model, our man with the long lens has caught a prototype version of the upcoming RS4 Avant testing around the Nurburgring race track.

Even though the prototype is a test mule based on the S4 Avant, there are certain elements that tell us there’s something different about this model. These include the heavily blistered front and rear wheel arches housing the same dark 20-inch alloy rims found on the RS5 Coupe, as well as a modified front bumper with different air vents to supply additional cooling to the engine.

Talking about the engine, it is believed that Audi will make use of the same hardware as the RS5 Coupe. That means the RS4 Avant should get a naturally aspirated 4.2-liter V8 churning out 450HP at 8,250 rpm along with 430Nm (317.15 lb-ft) of peak torque between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm.

Power will be transferred to all-four wheels through a seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch transmission and Audi’s upgraded quattro system, which splits torque 40:60 front to rear under normal driving conditions, with the capability of sending up to 70 percent to the front or as much as 85 percent toward the rear end, if necessary.

Naturally, the RS4 Avant will get an upgraded chassis with beefed-up suspension, brake and steering bits, as well as a more aggressive aero package with model-specific parts and the usual interior goodies such as bucket sport seats, bespoke instruments and trim.

It remains to be seen if Audi’s plans will also include an RS4 sedan or if the company from Ingolstadt keeps the range limited to the Avant model.

Look for the RS4 Avant to make its world premiere at a major international car show next year.



Anonymous said... »April 11, 2011

Will be presented at geneva the next year

Anonymous said... »April 12, 2011

Old news CarScoop...old news

Rick said... »April 12, 2011

So hot.

Anonymous said... »April 12, 2011

wow revolutionary, that made it look exactly the same as every other audi, they must save a fortune on camouflage for their test cars.

Anonymous said... »April 27, 2011

Will it be stateside?

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

Poor car, the wheels are almost out of the rim, but every new car is at least 2tons(2000kgs) so no surprise. Auto industry is smart.

Anonymous said... »May 20, 2011

Sweet! A long roof that handles and goes, and is so...Practical and purposeful(AWD). Zweeet!!!

I should have waited and bought this instead of the RS5. In words the designer of the S5, for the S5, Walter de’Silva, the Audi A5 is the most beautiful car he has ever designed: “It’s elegant and powerful, yet free of aggression and arrogance.” This doubly applies to the 'RS5 Avant'.

Long live 'Long Roofs' and manual trannies, especially ones that go like hell and and entertain while hauling home that new 60" LED tv.

Anonymous said... »June 30, 2012

Looks lovely I want one. I have a top often range A3 170bhp 2Ltr. And is very quick

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