Nissan Brazil Strikes Again with an Ad for a Family Minivan that You’re Never Going See in the U.S. [NSFW]


Back in March, Nissan do Brasil aired a commercial, which drew the wrath of Ford’s local arm for making claims that the Detroit automaker charges customers too much for its family models. But while Ford’s people only saw a Focus and a pair of rappers dressed as engineers chanting about the money they made by overpricing the hatchback, some viewers were also captivated by the curvalicious bikini-clad models…

Now, Nissan of Brazil returns with a new TV spot, this time for the Livina 7-seater compact minivan. While the Japanese carmaker avoids referring to a specific rival, the theme appears to be similar: scantily dressed female models dancing provocatively and a tagline aimed at the competition. And oh; towards the end of the clip you may notice the Livina and young family of four (not that we’re complaining about the appearance of the ladies…).

Translated through Google, Nissan’s description of the ad reads: “The new commercial shows giant Nissan competition treating people like ants. Only the 2012 Nissan Livina has all the space your family needs.” If any of you speak Portuguese and could help out by translating some bits from the commercial, you’re welcome to the comments.



Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

Foreign commercials are funny...

Piquet said... »May 02, 2011

That's it - Brazil here I come !!

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

Watch on the left side as one of the dancers, during the excitement, dislodges her bootyplug.

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

FAP, fap, fap... :D

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

brazil = hot women

Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011


Anonymous said... »May 02, 2011

I just got a bonner

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

This must be the 2012 Nissan Livina..Woody Edition!

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

The chheap girls are non white. The minivan family who has the buying power are BLOND white Brazilians. Blond??? Amusing.

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

phew...! I'll smack their bottoms any day!

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

Being Brazilian - These chicks may have a dark secret 8-


Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

You are aware that BLOND Brazilians DO exist...RIGHT?

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

You just gotta LOVE Brazil!

futate01 said... »May 03, 2011

I love girls but this video was just pathetic. I thought Brazilians could dance, but what those girls were doing was neither dancing nor sexy.

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

I'm also aware that blond Chinese & blond African do exist. look it up.

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

I'm portuguese and the ad its just stupid, except for the hot girls:)

Anonymous said... »May 03, 2011

NSFW? where do you people work?

Cleberz said... »May 04, 2011

Funk da Tanajura*
0:00 aíi é o pancadão da tanajura, hein
0:05 o gigante quer me apertar mas agora eu vou picar
0:09 morde morde tanajura, é mordida de formiga,.
0:12 se espremer a gente morde, se apertar a gente grita
0:17 o gigante é grandalhão mas o seu carro é bem pequeno
0:20 de tanto me apertar eu já tou toda doendo
0:24 morde morde tanajura, é mordida de formiga,.
0:28 se espremer a gente morde, se apertar a gente grita

0:39 ué? cadê a vovó
0:41 vai embora, sai daqui ordinário!
0:43 só a linha nissan livina tem espaço pra 7 pessoas
0:46 compare
0:48 a nissan tem um jeito inovador de pensar no espaço.
0:50 Pense num nissan!

0:00 Here it is, this is the punch of the Tanajura
0:05 The giant wants to squish me, but now I'm going to bite
0:09 Bite, bite, Tanajura, this bite is an ant's bite
0:12 If you squishe us we'll bite, if you crush us we'll scream
0:17 The giant is big but its car is very small
0:20 Of so much squishing I'm all sore
0:24 bite, bite, tanajura, this bite is an ant's bite
0:28 If you squish us we'll bite, if you crush us we'll scream

0:39 ant kids: Wait? Where's grandma?
0:41 grandma: Go away, get out of here you (bad word)

0:43 Only the nissan Livina has room for 7 people.
0:46 Compare!
0:48 Nissan has an innovative way of thinking about space.
0:50 Think about a Nissan!

*Tanajura is the popular Portuguese name for a species of ant known for having a big ass.

Anonymous said... »May 04, 2011

Thanks Cleberz,

Love the ad... love the girls! They have bad ass's too :-9

Trampolina Whambang said... »May 05, 2011

If you think these girls are hot, you should look me up some time.

Anonymous said... »May 10, 2011

Hey guys,
You dont need any translation at all...
200 bucks is all you need to grab hot girls like these... (it even rhyme!!!)

Anonymous said... »May 19, 2011

3 bootays, and 1 boot.

Anonymous said... »May 30, 2011

Nice visuals, but that language really does not lend itself well to singing =/

Anonymous said... »June 03, 2011

that to have fun with this commercial nissan it provoked a fiat chevy and honda in here:

And in a move to nissan vw amarok etoyoto hylux. Intimating that they had made ​​to agroboys, a playboy with cowboy misturade:

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

Would love to spend a couple of hours with these hot babes. I would give them the test drives of their lives....

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