Chrysler’s SRT Team Teases…Next Dodge Viper SRT10 on Facebook


In a very…tongue-in-cheek move, Chrysler’s newly formed Street and Racing Technology (SRT) brand responded to fans asking them on various social media sites what future products are in development by posting this…revealing sketch on its dedicated Facebook page. Here is what Chrysler’s SRT team wrote:

“Like many of you, Twitter user @DaveOrrSales asked for a taste of what's to come at SRT. We dodged death to sneak you this top-secret photo. That's all you get, crew.”

The rendering shows the now retired Dodge Viper SRT-10 in a Motorhome guise with three pairs of wheels and some nifty flames running throughout the body. Maybe not the answer Mopar enthusiasts were waiting for, but if anything else, we’ll give them some credit for their imagination.



Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

Nice teaser!

I want more, though

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

Damn! They are on a roll. My '11 Durango R/T is the 1st Chrysler product I have ever owned. My 2008 Corvette still looks sweet, but who knows what will happen when the new Viper SRT-10 rolls out as a 2013 next year. Hmm

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

Is it true: A V8 AND 10 Cylinder offers for '13? Jesus! Awesome. Just awesome.

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

Clever marketing. Damn good find ;)

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

I am green with envy. Lol! SWEET? YES!!!

from 2010 Camaro owner

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

now thats pure american.

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

Camaro driver (above), I feel the same way with my '11 Mustang GT ragtop. The Viper will likely cost far more than my Ford, but with a rumored V8 (a 10 cylinder, too) and promised refinement (i.e., being less "raw" and more comfy to be driven as a primary car), it could very well be my #1 choice, but as a second vehicle to the family minivan as I move up from the 'stang. I do enjoy my Ford Mustang, but have owned a few now and a two-seater is not out of the question. BTW: I heard that there will be a few engine choices and far better MPG.

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011


Anonymous said... »June 15, 2011

Wipe it off.

Dave P said... »August 14, 2011

Ha ha nice one. The suspense is driving me insane though, I want to see it. Any more details on the release date? Please tell me it's January 2013 and not December...

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