New Chevrolet Colorado Roughens Up with Double-Cab Rally Concept


The Buenos Aires Motorshow is proving to be an important event for GM as after the debut of the Chevrolet Cobalt Concept, the Detroit automaker released the first details on its second design study, the Colorado Rally Concept.

We first saw the Colorado as single-cab concept truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show earlier this year.

The Argentine study is a double-cab racing version of that concept fitted with a bevy of off-road accessories and components such as the front and rear bumper hooks and tow winches, an adjustable suspension that allows the driver to increase the ride height by 5 inches and special acrylic windows.

The Colorado Rally Concept is powered by a 2.8-liter turbo diesel engine coupled to an all-wheel drive system and rides on massive 18-inch machined aluminum wheels shod in 305/60 R18 tires.

The production version of the all-new Colorado in both single- and double-cab formats is slated to debut later this year.



Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

Nice truck, looks like a Toyota.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

concept for the 80's, late comer for the dying market.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

"concept for the 80's, late comer for the dying market."

What, it is not for this market you idiot...
This is extremely nice, might have to go pick one up south of the border...

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

It is nice, and a diesel too!

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

Toyota Helux rip-off

Akbar Hassan Kamib Talhasaram said... »June 16, 2011

great for LibYa, here we need nice truck for fightings

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

"concept for the 80's, late comer for the dying market"

Typical short-sighted american.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

The 80's guy is probably european, because as far as I know America loves trucks.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

Americans love slow,big, outdated tech trucks.
This is too smart of a truck for Americans.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

"outdated tech"

What outdated tech?

Tell me why U-joints are outdated and then justify why every automaker uses them.

Tell me why leaf springs are outdated, and then find a damper and coil that can take the same abuse of a leaf spring without punching through the strut tower.

Tell me why pushrods are outdated, and then tell me why cams pre-date pushrods...or where the torque on a over-square engine is.

Go on then.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

Really it is small by American standards, but the Argentine and Brazilian market where it will replace the aging S10 it is considered average pick-up. Competing with the Hilux, Amarok, Frontier and new Ranger who was also launched at this event in Argentina. Remember that it was developed by General Motors of Brazil.

Anonymous said... »June 16, 2011

It seems that Chevrolet in Brazil is well filled with work, new colorado, new cobalt, new Meriva (PM7 )....

Anonymous said... »June 18, 2011

I want one here in ther USA. I think it is very nice looking and if it can atleast get 29 mpg I would be more then pleased

Stryker357 said... »August 06, 2011

Love the truck, hate to be teased. Still waiting for the 4.5 Duramax since 07.

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