Pagani Designer Envisions an Electric Sports Coupe


Now this is more like it. Antonio Bruno’s Electrodynamics Concept is an acrylic-bodied electric sports car design study for the 21st century. To me it sort of looks like an unlikely crossbreed between a Lamborghini Espada and a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, or maybe a next-generation Tesla Motors model. Bruno describes it thusly:

“The absence of a brand reference has contributed to the free forms and is totally devoted to aerodynamic influences and perceptions typical of product design. The upper dome is formed from a tinted acrylic component that stretches up to the front bumper, where it could hide the additional headlights.

It may be of more interest to our readers to know that Bruno nominally works for Italian automaker Pagani, builders of the Zonda and Huayra supercars. You can check out our gallery or leave a comment below.

By Tristan Hankins

Via Carbodydesign



Anonymous said... »June 07, 2011

I'll take a different vision, please.

Trampolina Whambang said... »June 07, 2011

Love the black and white paint job.

Anonymous said... »June 08, 2011

I do think Antonio Bruno is making some sort of progress from that last pagani model. But I still think he could learn and progres alot more if he took a look at all the portfolios at

To me this vision is a mix of what you could have expected as a vision 10 years ago. Not bad for someone who likes cars and have a solid interest for design. It´s still very unexpected to see from pagani´s designer. If I where pagani, I would think twice before letting my designer put some sketches out on the internet, showing his rather untalanted skills. It does not exactly put pagani on the map for having a talented designhouse..

Polyester Poontang said... »June 08, 2011

Anon 3..........Your ass is sucking wind.

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