2012 Toyota Fortuner: SUV Version of Facelifted HiLux Makes Asian Debut


After last week’s presentation of the redesigned 2012 HiLux in Europe, Toyota went ahead and introduced the Asian market version of the pickup truck, called HiLux Vigo in Thailand, as well its SUV sibling, the seven-passenger Fortuner.

Both the HiLux Vigo and Fortuner sport the same styling revisions with their European counterpart including the new front end with the chromed out, razor edge grille, new alloy wheel options, and interior refinements such as the redesigned instrument panel plus trim and equipment updates.

In Thailand, the Fortuner SUV is offered with two diesel engines, a 3.0-liter unit producing 163HP and a 2.5-liter delivering 144-horses, and a 2.7-liter gasoline unit rated at 160-horsepower.

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Toyotascks said... »July 18, 2011

Ford called to say, Toyota if you had to copy our new explorer, you could had made at least a decent copy.Yes imitation is the best form of flattery, but bad imitation just shows why you have to copy the best,,,

Guest said... »July 18, 2011

Not bad except for the rear taillights. Very dated.

Pureworx said... »July 19, 2011

looks nothing like the 2011 ford explorer! the ford explorer looks like a mash up of the front of a 2008 mitsubishi pajero and the rear of a rangerover sport!

Toy-xus-hatsu said... »July 19, 2011

The All "New" Fortuner and Hilux.... i got mixed emotion this this . First of all looks like a VW Touareg/Tiguan 2nd those engines are pratically the same as the previous genration the chasis is just that heavy thats why the 2.5 variant is bought only for 2 purposes .. service vehicle for moms . and well an better deal against Rav4. IF Toyota lighten the chasis just a bit this will run like stink and finally give these truck & SUV a decent transmision my god 4 Speed A/T . atleast give it 5-AT or better yet mount the Super CVT-i from the corolla Altis there that should give a good fuel economy. and last and foremost the ride comfort 1st row well its top notch when you get to 2nd and 3rd its in another dimension this is for the Fortuner only the Hilux well its a Pickup so its good enough. hope toyota finally got this generation right.

script said... »July 19, 2011

"Yes imitation is the best form of flattery..." boy your brain is the flattened thing here.
Sad to see that most of the comments come from people who knows jack sh1t about this cars.
For who wants a good 4x4 but don't have the money for a Land Cruiser and the Rav4 it's not good enough than there is the Fortuner, the same with Ford Everest/Ford Ranger, Pajero Sport/L200 and Pathfinder/Navara therefore heavy, cheap and dated. And for who thinks the Fortuner is crap, you should try the Everest.

Masradenjp said... »July 19, 2011

Version of the facelifted Hilux is the first version in asia, I think the Fortuner will be increasingly handsome with this latest version. but at what maximum speed fortuner this latest version?

Мохамед Абдулрахман Рамадан said... »July 19, 2011

the fortuner have the same style with no major change from 2005

here is the link

Мохамед Абдулрахман Рамадан said... »July 19, 2011

no one say ALL NEW

they all said just a FACE LIFT

the next generation will appear at mid to end of 2012

Vospogi said... »July 19, 2011

check your car knowledge. this design has been in southeast asia since 2004. this is just a minor facelift. Google it up so that you might be updated. When was the explorer released again? D'oh.

Anonymous said... »July 19, 2011

Might have a high probability that both the new Hilux and new Fortuner will hit the Philippines soon!

Minor change FTW! :D

Joema said... »July 19, 2011

I've seen the current Fortuner and Hilux in person and they both look great. Better IMO than the 4runner and the Tacoma. This looks more like a face lift than a re-design.

Zayd_dabo said... »August 14, 2011

all new fortuner?wer not stupid this is just facelifted.

Pamelacruzz said... »August 23, 2011

toyota should put gps speacial in the philippine

Mcjbob77 said... »September 05, 2011


Beto Carrillo said... »September 07, 2011

Brand name... TOYOTA... No need to argue about that...
Excellent SUV, fortuned the one you owns a FORTUNER!

erg said... »September 13, 2011

my main concern about fortuners is its suspension, did they make any improvement on this... the previous models had poor ride 

slaich2000 said... »September 14, 2011

Waiting for this Model in India very very soon....

Kamal said... »September 14, 2011

The india model will be offered with a AT :)

Sandepthite1 said... »September 16, 2011

wat magr changes in new fortunar also about priese

Ewan said... »October 20, 2011

english me mate!

Monty said... »November 08, 2011

Toyota suv 2012 launching a prise list at on delevery

Dintojoseph said... »November 10, 2011

I just brought 2 weeks back 2012 model Fortuner in UAE and i feel still not a big improvement they have made to suspension. I was using Pajero and Fortuner has got the poor suspension than Pajero but coz its more quiet inside. But except suspention i am happy with the new look and other features.

Ashraf_lonely said... »November 13, 2011

hi joseph.
Thanks for your observation. How is fuel efficiency? Suspension is very bad or manageble?



Judas said... »November 29, 2011


Anonymous said... »December 10, 2011

Hope they have available intercooler kit and upgraded ecu for my 2010 2.5 toyota fortuner. I want a 144 horse power also

Arnel Medalle said... »January 27, 2012

all i can say of fortuner is great and awesome fortuner is the only one my dream car....i hope i can have that car ....soon

bingo said... »March 09, 2012

hi arnel i got that new model is best no nois toyota fortuner 2.5 m/t

Henry Yap said... »April 17, 2012

i love this SUV

Garynelsonesguerra said... »July 21, 2012

is there a new model for toyota fortunner to come next year? im planning to buy one if there is..thanks

Jophet Subejano Banghulot said... »July 22, 2012


Anonymous said... »January 22, 2013


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