It Came From eBay Hell: Mercury Cougar Based Bugatti Veyron Replica


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Of all the cars I’ve featured in “It Came From eBay Hell”, this one takes the cake. It’s a 2002 Mercury Cougar with 120,000 miles (193,120 kilometres) on the clock, though that’s not what makes it special. No, what makes it special is the composite and fibreglass Bugatti Veyron body draped over it.

That’s right: it’s a Cougatti Vercuryon! Not only does this modern masterpiece come with (Walmart™ Brand) 20-inch rims, two-tone paint and leather everything, it also comes with all the stuff that made the Mercury Cougar the modern classic it is today:

“This car is a stock 2002 Mercury Cougar, Stock wheel base, Stock motor and automatic transmission, Stock power windows and locks, stock wiring, stock guages [sic], stock AC controls under these nice fancy looking aluminum [sic] trim parts.”

The seller is keen to add: “I get so many questions asking how fast is the car. My best reply is fast enough. It is not a rocket ship.”

I can only imagine, what with that thumping 2.5 L V6 muscle under the hood. Oh, did I not mention? The engine’s still in the front. Veyron spotters will no doubt point this out to you the first time you show it off outside the strip club golf course college dorm.

Maybe you can change that V6 to a W16 with a magic marker or something and they won’t notice.

It also has one thing the Veyron never had: 60/40 split-folding rear seats! The Buy It Now price is a low, low US$89,000. That’s less than 10% what a real second-hand Veyron would cost! Or, looked at another way, more than twenty times what Kelley’s Blue Book says you should pay for a second-hand Mercury Cougar.

Oh well, beggar’s can’t be choosers, what with the last Veyron hardtop having just been sold to an unnamed individual.

I'm sure if your mates are drunk enough they won't even be able to tell the difference. And if they throw up in the back of it, who cares? It's only a Mercury Cougar. Check out our full gallery below and blast away your thoughts.

By Tristan Hankins

Link: eBay



Anonymous said... »July 12, 2011

not sure what motivates someone to do this...i don't know, from some angles, I think the lunatic did a pretty good job...

Anonymous said... »July 12, 2011

he did a great job with this conversion

Anonymous said... »July 12, 2011

I would never pay the Buy It Now asking price for something like that. But it looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

I gotta give it to the guy, from the pics, it looks pretty damn good. It'd be nice if CarScoop would come back on posts like this and update us for how much the junk gets sold.

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

Is that really a replica? Wow good job mate.

Caroline said... »July 13, 2011

Even if it is a copy... if you wanted to impress with this, it works!

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

Simply stunning... God!!! If i only had that 89,000$ i would buy it in a BLINK.

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

please stop!

CaliDesigner said... »July 13, 2011

That is a really well done replica, especially for being based on a front engined car. Some proportions are a little off, but to the average eye it is really well done.

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

Great as a movie stunt double—the one that gets totaled.

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

I say well done to the guy, your description of it being the worst one ever to feature on carscoop is harsh to say the least, there have been a lot worse than this one featured. Its looks a tidy job, although personally i wouldnt drive it, I give it a 8 out of ten :)

Anonymous said... »July 13, 2011

now if they just take this body and make it into a kit to fit the fiero based frame extended mr2 or attack you would have a perfect winner of a repilca

Mack Lyons said... »July 16, 2011

Impressive job. That's all I can say.

Thomas4165 said... »July 16, 2011

Should have just bought a limited production CTS-V.

Anonymous said... »July 18, 2011

100% agree. For 90K you could buy a 360 Modena, Aston Martin, NSX...whatever. At least it would be real. You could date the hottest girl in the free world but if she's a tranny there is not much else to say. Super car replicas are fake Rolex's on four wheels.

Khoi Nguyen said... »July 18, 2011

The yahoo people think this is cool.Idiots.

Khoi Nguyen said... »July 18, 2011

The people at yahoo think it's cool.Idiots.

Rifle_2_1 said... »July 21, 2011

This is actually really cool. I was ready to slag this but that's some serious wrench time and some serious elbow grease! I respect it, unequivocally. Great job!

Ptodd1969 said... »July 21, 2011

Impressive workmanship but still wouldn't pay $89K for a Ford or more likely a Mazda platform.

Hollabac97 said... »August 13, 2011

I ant one lol

Bradley_scorpio said... »August 25, 2011

What is this a Bugatti or a Mercury?

Austin said... »January 16, 2012

Its a Murgatti

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