Now that’s Posh: Evoque “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” Delayed by Daughter’s Birth


Apparently, Land Rover views the Range Rover Evoque not only as its smallest, more frugal and most affordable model that will bring new customers to the brand, but also as a lifestyle statement.

That’s why, according to company insiders, Land Rover is ready for the launch of a “Victoria Beckham Special Edition” named after the former pop star and the company’s new creative design director.

Said insiders told British magazine Autocar that the design of the special edition Evoque has been finalized. However the launch is being delayed until the former Spice Girl is ready to work again after giving birth to her and Los Angeles Galaxy football player’s David Beckham, daughter.

Land Rover has not yet revealed any information regarding the launch date or the specifications of the car. Given Victoria’s style, we expect a “posh” interior and, probably, a matching price tag for the privilege of owning one.



Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

Just to have an edition with her name on it cheapens the brand. What a joke by all accords. The sooner they dump her, the better off Land Rover will be.

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

Who names their kid Seven or is it 7???
What a joke.

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

Victoria who? Sorry, did she show some tit or something and I missed it?

Why do we care about has-been who isn't really that attractive unless you like that stick figure with mishapen breasts, sorta like a tranny without the hard jaw line.

She's the Paris Hilton of the UK minus the faptastic vids. ughhhh....

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

who are those handsome dudes in 4th pix? Her brothers?

Isaac Brock said... »July 14, 2011

More brain dead American bloggers from the world's most disfunctional country.

Pete Moss said... »July 14, 2011

When are you holding your going out of business or bankruptcy sale?

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

Sodding Brit wankers with your wanker women. Who owns Land Rover these days?

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

"Brit wankers with your wanker women" - what's that all about then? Are you suggesting that's what the women do to the men? If so, Brits are not wankers, but being wanked, which is very different...

Anonymous said... »July 14, 2011

Sory you yanks with such a pedigree for 'good cars' oops can I think of any other than a T Ford!!!

sorry being a project manager - any bloody project manager knows a baby will arrive 9 mths from conception!!! Why oh why is there a surprise and a reason for a delay - was this not planned in to a 'new ltd ed' arse! there was never going to be one

Anonymous said... »July 15, 2011

Ignorant comments from people that will never buy a Range Rover or any other vehicle with class. Such envy for a woman that successfully contributed her creative talents to designing a handsome & sporty SUV. Good for her. Get a life negative trollers.

Johnfalckt said... »July 18, 2011

Stop it with the verbal abuse, both sides of the Atlantic please!
Seriously though, to buy a Victoria Beckham themed Range Rover must mean you have jack in the taste department. Guess you can ook forward to huge depreciation, as, who would want a second hand 'posh' let alone a new one? This world is going ever further up its own arse.

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