Prodan Dragos’ Alfa Romeo Giulia Concept is one Mean Machine

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It’s about time the Italians get off their collective backsides and knock out a competitor to the BMW 1-Series coupe. Something a bit like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint of the 1960s in that it should be a two-door, three-box Bavarian-killer with a sweet-as-silk motor and looks to die for. Romanian industrial designer Prodan Dragos no doubt agrees.

His Alfa Romeo Giulia Concept packs a 180 hp (134 kW) petrol engine mated to an 80 kW electric motor and a 6spd manual transmission. It also has a lightweight body crafted out of aluminium and carbon fibre-reinforced polymer, with polycarbonate windows to further save on weight.

The A and C-pillars are blacked out and the B-pillar is hidden to give the Giulia Concept a sleek, sporty look. There’s the signature Alfa Romeo grille and charcoal black 20-inch wheels.

It is both modern and retro and, I think, fully embodies the Italian firm’s passion for motor sport and driver involvement.

It is a masterful design and a tribute to Dragos’ talent for design. You can check out our full gallery and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

By Tristan Hankins

Designer: Prodan Dragos via Carbodydesign