Toyota to Launch New Small Cars for China, Brazil and Indonesia


Toyota is planning to launch a new small car designed specifically for China in 2013, according to a report from Reuters citing the Nikkei business daily newspaper.

The new small car will be a little larger than the low-cost Etios that is sold in India. A 1.5-liter gasoline engine will power it and prices are expected to begin from under 1 million yen (approximately US$12,853).

Toyota aims to keep the manufacturing costs of its new China-built small car as low as possible by using many parts from the Etios and is willing to spend some 40 billion yen for the local production of the model at a rate of 200,000 units per year.

The Japanese company wants to raise its 5% market share in the Chinese market by launching the new car with its two local joint ventures, China FAW Group and Guangzhou Automobile Group.

It also plans to more than double the production of the Etios in India, from the current number of 80,000 units to 190,000 by the end of 2013. In addition, it intends to produce another low-cost car in Brazil starting from the second half of 2012, at an annual rate of 70,000 units, as well as manufacturing low-priced cars in Indonesia.



guest said... »July 31, 2011

The sad part about this story is this is the best looking Toyota model in Toyota's line up.,,,Any ways if Toyota could bring this here for say under 7.000 dollars it would be a hit in the would a 7.000 dollar car here in the USA be a can be unattractive like this too, because with a price as low as 7.000.. Bla styling and unattractive starts to look ok...btw 12000 even in china is too much for this has it overpriced..

guest said... »July 31, 2011

Will you haters leave Toyota alone, we all already know Toyota is not as great as they used to be. we all know their cars are some of the most boring cars sold and we all know Toyota is lost right now and among the most unreliable cars, but one day Toyota will be as great again as Hyundai or ford is now. picking on Toyota is like picking on the special kid.

"Mr Toyoda , You just keep trying your hardest with what little you have in Toyota" Now I am off to buy a new Hyundai Elantra...

Gnatt Matt_35 said... »August 01, 2011

Decent looking car but really impressive interiors. With Toyota standard and class, this is going to be a monster. It might land in the Guinness for sales.

Billy said... »August 01, 2011

matt who are you trying to fool with the comment " It might land in the Guinness for sales"

Solaiman said... »September 19, 2011

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