Cadillac Points its Guns at Ferrari with New CTS-V Coupe Ad

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In many ways, General Motors luxury brand Cadillac is enjoying a renaissance these past few years.

And from what we can tell, the Detroit automaker plans to intensify its assault on the premium segment in the coming years with many new launches such as the ATS compact sedan, the ELR Coupe with extended-range electric vehicle technology and possibly, a production model inspired by the well-received Ciel study.

But before we see a new wave of Cadillacs hitting the streets, the Detroit maker is looking to tout its current portfolio with a very aggressive commerical that points its guns directly at Ferrari.

In a new TV spot titled "The Bellissimo - Magnetic Ride Control Technology", Cadillac claims that its CTS-V Coupe is so advanced that "Ferrari borrowed technology from Cadillac to develop its suspension system".

Take a look at the ad in the video after the break.