Infiniti's Sebastian Vettel-Inspired FX50 Performance Concept Breaks Cover


When the doors open to the 64th IAA International Motor Show on September 13, Infiniti will premiere a new concept study that takes the firm's partnership with F1 racing team Red Bull to the next level.

The Infiniti FX50 Performance Concept was inspired by reigning Formula One World Champion and Red Bull driver, Sebastian Vettel. The 24-year old German, who is Infiniti's first ever Global Brand Ambassador, is said to have helped in the design of the FX50 study.

The Japanese company is keeping mum about the technical details of the FX50 Performance Concept, but the photo shows that it is based on the facelifted model featuring Infiniti's new corporate grille that we first saw earlier this month.

Unique elements to the concept include the redesigned front bumper with LED daytime lights incorporating a carbon fibre apron, the shape of which mimics the design of an F1 car's front wing.

Carbon fibre can also be found on the newly designed side skirts, the roof spoiler, and the rear bumper, while Infiniti did away with the roof rails. Also included are Vettel badges on the front fenders and newly styled alloy wheels shod in performance tires.



Carbastard said... »August 28, 2011

Oh perfect, just what the world needed: Another useless and pointless fatso-faux-SUV that can't go very fast, can't take off roading, can't handle properly and has an anachronic fuel economy. Just the perfect thing for soccer moms who think they'll be safe in something big, and not in something smart like a Volvo.

Also, I can't see the inspiration taken from Vettel. He's thin, fast and with a sense of humour. This is just fat, slow and a plain joke. What's the point of carbon fiber on a "SUV"??? It's not like 50 kilograms out of 2 tons make a huge difference....

Albert Ferrer said... »August 28, 2011

If I was Sebastian Vettel I'd be annoyed that my name is associated with such an awful contraption...

vantageman said... »August 28, 2011

i agree this car is useless but the irony of your statement is just how wrong it is, the FX50 is fast with almost 400hp it runs to 60 in the low 5s, its handling is phenomenal for an suv or for a luxury sedan for that matter, and its fuel economy is no worse than the high performance sports car the people here im sure including yourself rant and rave about. For the person that wants an all things car its a good choice, p.s. calm down its just a car.....

Albert Ferrer said... »August 29, 2011

Imagine then how good it would be if it was a normal car.

Pureworx said... »August 29, 2011

lol you do realise that vettel helped with the touches to the car and approved it? and u do know he drives a fx50?

Agizzle said... »August 29, 2011

cuv not suv bud
don't understand the fatso thing, this isn't very big

btmiller said... »September 01, 2011

looks like a bad haircut.

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