SPIED: All-New 2013 Dodge Viper Development Continues


Last time we brought you news on the next generation of the highly anticipated Dodge Viper sports cars, the Chrysler Group had uploaded a humorous photo of the new snake dressed up like a Motorhome on its Facebook page.

But now we're ready to bring you some hard evidence on the actual 2013 Dodge Viper as our spy photographers snagged a prototype out in the open. The test mule combined the body of the now defunct roadster model with the next generation Viper's front end (from the A-pillar forward).

Though heavily disguised, it looks like the new Viper will sport the latest interpretation of Dodge's crosshair grille mounted low on the front bumper along with longer headlamps that swoop over the front fenders. The patches on the hood also suggest that we'll see a sculptured design with new air vents.

So far, the Chrysler Group has released very few details on the 2013 Viper, saying only that we'll see the next snake debut in late 2012, and that it will feature a stability control tuning for the first time.

What lies under the long hood remains a mystery, but some suggest that a refined version of the last V10 engine upgraded with some cool new tricks from the Fiat Group's toy box such as the new MultiAir electro-hydraulic system of engine valves, is on the table.

We'll keep an eye out and update when we receive more news.



Anorexia Viper? said... »August 16, 2011

Since this is just a mule there is no way to determine what it will look like, engine specs, details, etc. Hopefully, Chrysler gets a clue and scales its size down appropriately, uses a performance engine that returns above average performance-vehicle gas mileage, increases the overall quality. Not much to ask of an ailing, outdated, oversized albatross of yesteryear.

Gman111111 said... »August 16, 2011

The Viper must continue with its V-10 engine, hopefully upgraded to at least 700 horsepower. Nothing else would be acceptable to the Viper faithful, and it could not compete with Chevy's ZR-1 otherwise. Please spare me the comments regarding a socially responsible engine, or the ridiculous suggestion of a hybrid or electric Viper, please.

Like I'm gonna buy a Viper... said... »August 16, 2011

Umm, that's nice. Now can we get to the real story, which is what's that Fiat 500 Abarth doing on US soil in the background in the last pic?

JohnCarscoop said... »August 16, 2011

Probably just tagging along. The U.S.-spec 500 Abarth has been confirmed for the LA Show -->

Lord_shiv said... »August 16, 2011

Headlight designs hint at being looking like a ferrari 360 blended with the last gen viper....  don't like it...

ysuboy said... »August 18, 2011

I completely agree with this comment. The viper legend and bloodline is ostentatious, ridiculous, absurd, and just drips with over-the-top craziness. They have to up themselves with this next generation, no matter the cost. It would not be a viper otherwise, and would therefore ruin the name the viper has right now. I would not mind if they went back to the plastic windows and the exhaust that burnt everyones legs as the original had. I could care less about the stability control, or any sort of safety features they might be adding. This car needs to be fast, fast and more fast.  It needs to look equally fast and have even wider tires on the rear then they ever had before.  This is american muscle, go big or go home because with these type of cars there is no replacement for displacement.

wowc8 said... »August 30, 2011

Looks yet again like the Chevy Corvette.  Why doesn't dodge just buy a bunch of corvettes and just re-brand them?  It'd be a lot easier and maybe less expensive...  Still a fan of the true vipers (92-02), better curves and less corvettesh!

Sempervictoria said... »September 15, 2011

More like the Corvette looks like the Viper. The Viper has never gone through any radical re-designs, yet the Corvette went from the classic wedge look that any American loves to something very Viper-ish.

GONZALO25 said... »September 21, 2011


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