Cadillac Challenges Mercedes-Benz by Pitting the Escalade Against the C-Class [Video]

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We think most of you will agree with us when we say that, for the same reasons the Cadillac Escalade is extremely profitable, it also doesn't quite fit the brand's current image being sort of a throwback to the glory days of the classic American cruiserships.

But this didn't stop General Motors from raising the ante in yet another provocative commercial for Cadillac that follows the CTS-V spot featuring the Ferrari 458 Italia.

This time, the General took the Escalade and pointed its ammo towards Mercedes-Benz and its C-Class sedan. The video spot shows the big Caddy V8 beating the C300 on a straight line duel, and then…hauling back the Merc.

We're not going to say that we didn't enjoy the video nor that we don't get Cadillac's point, but it's somewhat an unfair comparo when the Escalade starts at $63,200, or about $25k more than the C300. Heck, even the almighty C63 AMG with is 451HP V8 is $5k cheaper than the basic Escalade…