MT Slams 2012 Ford Explorer 2.0L EcoBoost, Says it's Slow, Clumsy, Pricey and Thirsty

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Now here's a review that is bound to get the conversation heated up. Motor Trend's senior editor, Jonny Lieberman of former Jalopnik, The Truth About Cars and Autoblog fame, tried out the new 2012 Ford Explorer with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged four that produces 240-ponies. And well, let's just say he didn't like it one bit.

After testing the Explorer, Lieberman states, among other things, that the 2.0-liter model is "slow, clumsy, pricey, thirstier than we would have thought, and a packaging disaster".

But wait; there's more from where that came from and we're not only talking about Lieberman, but the other Motor Trend editors as well: "It's like driving a large overstuffed armchair," says Executive editor Ed Loh, while Todd Lassa notes that it "Handles like an oversize, overweight Volvo."

More or less, the entire Motor Trend team seems to agree with the assessment that the Explorer EcoBoost is a mediocre vehicle that's "hard to find anything good to say about".

You can watch MT's test in the video below, or follow the link to read the full review on the magazine's official website, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Story References: Motor Trend