New Hyundai Veloster gets Turbocharged for Upcoming SEMA Show

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We already know for a fact that Hyundai is planning to launch a more powerful version of its new Veloster sports car fitted with a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine delivering 208HP for a 0-62mph (100km/h) sprint time of under 7 seconds (Carscoop has officially confirmed all numbers), with European sales to start in early 2012.

We still don't know when and if this engine will be offered in North America, but those interested in a more hardcore Veloster will have a chance to see plenty of aftermarket options at this November's SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Among the many Veloster proposals that are expected to be displayed in SEMA, is a highly modified model created by Hyundai in partnership with ARK Performance.

The highlight of the tune is the addition of a custom twin-scroll turbocharger that helps lift the 1.6-liter engine's output from 138HP to 210-horses.

Changes will also be made to the car's suspension and brake systems, as well as the exterior with a new paint job, an aero kit and new alloy wheels, and the interior.

We'll bring you more on the Veloster from the SEMA Show on November 1.

Mechanical components ARK plans to customize include:

  • ARK Turbo Charger and Intercooler System
  • ARK Intercooler Piping System
  • ARK Custom Oil Cooler
  • ARK Turbo Manifold
  • ARK Lightweight Pulley System
  • ARK Six-Pot Big Brake Kit
  • ARK Eight-Point Chromoly Rally Style Roll Cage
  • ARK DTP Track Coilover System
  • ARK Upper Strut and Front and Rear Sway Bar
  • ARK Camber and Control Arms
  • ARK GRIP Dual Exhaust
  • ARK RSEPC Downpipes and Test Pipes

Interior enhancements include:

  • JPM Coachworks Custom OEM Seats with Alcantara Interior
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Alcantara Shift Boot
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Alcantara Dashboard
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Alcantara Headliner
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Alcantara Doors and Visors
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Floor Mats
  • JPM Coachworks Custom Alcantara Audio Finish
  • Image Dynamics Q450.4 Amplifiers
  • Image Dynamics Q600.1 Amplifiers
  • Image Dynamics XS65 Component Speakers
  • Image Dynamics ID10D4 Subwoofers
  • ARK Racing Pedals
  • DSG Performance / Password JDM Shift Knob
  • DSG Performance / SUN Automotive Eco
  • DSG Performance / SUN Hyper Voltage System GT
  • DSG Performance / SUN Automotive Gauss System
  • DSG Performance / SUN Automotive Hot Inazma Pocket
  • DSG Performance / SUN Automotive Hyper Ground System
  • Jason Noren Fabrications Custom Rally Cage
  • Adam Perry Custom Audio Setup

ARK Performance will also make moderate exterior modifications to the Veloster, including:

  • ARK CFX Designs Front Lip
  • ARK CFX Designs Side Skirt
  • ARK CFX Designs Rear Bumper
  • ARK SFX Designs Wide Front and Rear Fenders
  • ARK CFX Designs Grille
  • ARK SFX Rear Wing Mount
  • OneEighty Custom Headlights
  • OneEighty Custom Taillights
  • OneEighty Custom Fog Lamps
  • Rally Armor Custom Veloster Mud Flaps
  • Rally Armor Custom Veloster Mounts
  • DSG Performance / Password JDM Chromoly Lug Nuts
  • Yokohama Advan RZ Gunmetal x5
  • Nitto NT05 x5
  • Beyond Autobody Custom Paint and Finish