2014 BMW M3 Sedan F30 and 3-Series Coupe Speculatively Rendered


Given the close proximity in the designs of BMW's outgoing E90 and the newly revealed F30 3-Series saloons, it's not hard to imagine what the rest of the range will look like.

The crew over from PS-Garage sent us these speculative renderings of the next-generation M3 sedan that we recently scooped testing in Germany and the upcoming coupe model.

The 2014 M3 saloon is the work of Dan Buzdugan who applied the usual M-division styling traits on the body of the F30 such as the blacked out alloy wheels, a carbon roof, side air vents, side skirts, a subtle boot lid spoiler and a rear diffuser with quad tail pipes.

The rendering of the coupe variant was created by Nik Pakiz. It incorporates similar styling cues found on the current 3-Series Coupe like the more rakish roofline and longer front doors.

Photo Credits: PS-Garage Dan Buzdugan & Nik Pakiz


Aleksandar Djordjievski said... »October 17, 2011

The Coupé version isn't going to look like that, it's a bad rendering. The rear is definitely not going to look exactly the same as the sedan version, just as the case is now with the current models. It's going to be more dynamic and stretched.

Andrew Popoola said... »October 17, 2011

The M3 looks most convincing and good. I though it was the new M5 in red for a second there...

The coupe rendering? Nice try but Nope!

Alper Tuncel said... »June 23, 2012

I like 2011 coupe

Alper Tuncel said... »June 23, 2012

stop lamps won't be like sedan version, as in previous verison I think

Fashionista Toronto said... »November 08, 2012

I like the shape and handling of my 2006 330i. Only thing better looking and more fun to drive is a 2008 335xi coupe.

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