Nissan Plans Major Expansion for its Nismo Performance Division in the Likes of the BMW M and Mercedes AMG Arms


If you are a gaming, racecar or even a frequent visitor of Carscoop, then you already know about Nismo. For the rest, it’s an abbreviation of Nissan Motorsports, the Japanese carmaker’s in-house performance division established in 1984.

Yet its activities have been restricted mainly in motorsports, where it has been involved with great success in events like the FIA GT1 World Championship, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and of course, numerous racing series in Japan .

Its road car presence has been limited to tuning parts and a very small number of special edition models such as the 370Z NISMO (Fairlady Z in Japan). But this will soon change as Nissan announced today the initiation of a major expansion program for its performance arm which will use its race and tuning expertise to spice up the company’s road cars.

"Nismo has carved out an enviable reputation in motor racing", said Carlos Ghosn, Nissan President and CEO. “In fact, in 2011, Nismo cars and engines won in every category they competed in - the first time we have achieved this milestone."

"The time is now right to let ordinary drivers experience what our racing drivers enjoy every time they head out onto the track. We aim to bring Nismo's passion and focus on driving excitement to mainstream models, and the Juke Nismo Concept shows what we can do”, he added.

Ghosn’s intention to compete with other carmakers’ performance divisions, like BMW’s M and Mercedes-Benz’ AMG, is more than evident in the building of an all-new global Nismo headquarters in Tsurumi, Yokohama, in the beginning of 2013.

Looks like the Juke Nismo Concept is just the warning shot in the war Ghosn is planning to wage against rivals in the performance segment.



Bluetheimpala said... »November 29, 2011

This is HUUUGGGE (can you tell I'm excited!).

I can't wait for a proper NISMO 370Z not a 'mugen-ized' piece of garbage that is barely different besides some slapped on graphics and minor body work.  If you can't tell, I think Honda's 'performance' division is a complete joke, which it is.  Outside of the SEMA entries, Mugen is such a vanilla, lameduck tuner/performance division it should be dragged into the street and shot in front of all the others as an example of what happens when you get caught slipping.  Very mexican mafia but you can't debate the effectiveness (lol).

Back to my point.  You make Nismo trim/spec a halo trim where people are salivating over your Z, Maxima and Juke you'll only see more and more rewards. Nissan can pump out Nismo @ less than 10% of orders, just enough that each dealer has one or can order one and let's face it, if the customer really wants it he/she will wait.  I love this.  

I've always wanted a 370Z with a OEM turbo(porsche killer) and maybe, just maybe, my dream will come true.

NISMO Nightmare said... »November 29, 2011

The biggest issue with the NISMO lineup in the States is that it's different from Japan's. Nissan is notorious for shipping stripped-down versions of the NISMO to the States. Also, I guarantee the color of the Juke concept shown above will not look like that; the plastic bumpers, and for the matter any other body that's plastic, will be several shades off. 

BUT, the worst aspect of owning a GT-R, NISMO or a Z is that you have to take it to a Nissan dealership.  Nissan has never addressed the needs of the enthusiast; they simply stick these models into Nissan dealerships as a draw for customers to come into their showrooms. The problem is that families with a zillion children go trouncing about these models even when placed behind ropes. If Nissan were to move these models to the Infiniti dealerships, they would gain more sales.

Henry Thor said... »November 30, 2011

Japanese Superstar!

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