Thanksgiving Turkeys: Corvette C5 Crashes Into Corvette C6 During Street Race


As you can see, we're back to our regular posting schedule after our mini Thanksgiving break. And yes, for those of you asking, we had a great time which is more than we can say about these two Thanksgiving turkeys that spent a good part of Thursday signing papers and trying to explain how they managed to get into each others face – or so to speak.

So here's how it went down: at a stop light in The Woodlands, a latest generation silver-colored Corvette C6 and a previous-gen gray Corvette C5 are getting ready to play Dumb and Dumber the I'm faster than you game.

The two drivers rev their V8 powerplants and push the pedal to the metal as soon as the green light comes on. Under the dramatic sounds produced by a total of 16-cylinders and 32 teeth chewing bubble gum (that would be the person filming the Corvettes in the blue car…), the two men begin the race which lasts only about 9 seconds as the driver of the C5 loses control and smashed into the C6….

The Youtube poster describes the incident thusly:

"I shot this video of 2 Corvettes drag racing on my way to pick up our Thanksgiving Turkey. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen b/c of the conditions and testosterone flowing between these two. No one was hurt, only the drivers egos." – and their precious Vettes may we add…

Kudos to Tony Kao for the find!



Catalin said... »November 25, 2011

Those cars have leaf spring suspension like horse carriages...what do you expect ? This is the second Corvette crash video in 3 days. Power is nothing without control.

Ugly said... »November 25, 2011

Hahahaha... how stupid!

No doubt driven by the likes of the, umm, ..."Polyester Poontangs" of this world! ...Stupid! Real Stupid!

Polyester Poontang said... »November 25, 2011

Ugly you sure are a must be from the mid-west. Living proof of the dumbing of the United States.

Andy G. said... »November 25, 2011

Those must have been some advanced carriages if they had the same independent suspension as the Corvette C5 & C6?

Andy G. said... »November 25, 2011

The guy taking the video could smell the stupidity of the Vette drivers. Lol

George Presic said... »November 25, 2011

that sucks bad day..

kachuks said... »November 25, 2011

Way to go, bozos.  Please be aware that not all Texas drivers are this dumb and/or wrekless. 

Just goes to show, a moron with a vette is a moron with a vette anywhere you may find one.  I usually steer clear any newer model vette I see on the road.  I naturally assume it's being driven by some middle-aged douche with too much disposable income and no real driving skills. 

Polyester Poontang said... »November 25, 2011

Is that why the C-6 ZR1 only covered the Nurburgring in 7:19.66. Was it the C-5 or the C-6 that caused the crash or sand or oil on the road.

Dumb & Dumber said... »November 25, 2011

Those who do not how to take it to the track should not own these vehicles to begin with.

Haiquan Ma said... »November 25, 2011

Too much tryptophan on the C5, while...too much Jack Daniels on eggnog for the C6 driver.

Ugly said... »November 25, 2011

Nope. Actually I'm from Europe. Which shows how really stupid you really are Polyester Poontang...!
As for your American comments... Americans are smarter than you!

Ben said... »November 25, 2011

definitely the C5 drivers fault. but i dont blame it entirely on the car, this wouldnt have happened if the driver knew how to drive in a straight line..

Polyester Poontang said... »November 25, 2011

I thought people from Europe were sophisticated, smart,and classy have shattered my image of that part of the world. I guess there are nebbishes everywhere. 

aaronbbrown said... »November 25, 2011

 The driver in the C-6 broke his tires loose on the gear change, they hadn't even hit 50 mph yet, probably never lifted off the throttle,  then overcompensated, that's the only way you can lose it like that going so slow.  The driver in the C-5 would've been fine if he just kept on the gas,  Instead he lifted off keeping himself parallel with the other car as it careening out of control, and wound up getting his car wiped out.  Geez F-ing moron alert, typical of the kind of people who buy Corvettes, they have no feel for driving, and they bought the one overpowered car that is totally unforgiving of such basic mistakes. 

Ugly said... »November 25, 2011

Oh dear. What's the matter now Polyester Poontang?
You don't like Americans,
you don't like Europeans.
Hey, that's okay. I'm sure they won't like you either!

Maybe a little advice here: if you cannot take what you dish out, perhaps you shouldn't dish it out in the first place!?

Polyester Poontang said... »November 25, 2011

Pope Aaron is not have C-5 mixed up with the C-6.  I would also think that the average Corvette driver is more skilled than the average supercar driver.....maybe you have the facts as I am only applying logic. Also Corvettes have fewer accidents than  most other performance cars according to insurance rateing info.
If you are going to pontificate at least get your facts in order

Polyester Poontang said... »November 25, 2011 said... »November 26, 2011

So which car do you guys think Polyester Poontang was driving, the C5 or the C6?

trotter said... »November 26, 2011

 I agree with the consensus that at least the C5 driver is retarded. I don't agree with all the criticism of a car as quick as the Corvette, mainly by people that don't drive them - including myself.

As said... »November 27, 2011

The driver's comments and lax attitude (chewing his gum) make the video so much more funnier.

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