Scary Motorcycle Accident Caught on Rider's Helmet Camera as it Happened [NSFW]


Motorcycle accidents are often very severe for the simple reason that there's no buffer zone between the rider and the vehicle (or the road), which makes them all the more terrifying to watch when they're captured on tape.

You can multiply the feeling by about ten when the camera happens to be mounted on the helmet of the motorcyclist involved in the crash…

If our detective work is correct, this accident occurred on the corner of Walnut St. and South 4th Street in St. Louis, Missouri. While the video begins with a motorcycle in front doing a daredevilish wheelie, it's the rider with the camera that will get into an accident when a white Ford truck went through a red light hitting the bike.

Luckily, the rider doesn’t seem to be severely injured, though one can never know with these types of accidents...



fairgame said... »December 19, 2011

Ford drivers are the most stupid people on earth. they bought a Ford in the 1st place, enough said.

Denny said... »December 19, 2011

Hopefully the guy went and got x-rays, just because the bone isn't sticking out doesn't mean it's not broken.

Dumbass Ford driver though, his excuse "I looked up I had the green light" ... what? Looked up? Put your f'n phone down, you never had the green light!

Fightex said... »December 20, 2011

What's that puddle, oil ?

Matt Johnston said... »December 21, 2011

That guy is such a liar. If you watch it again, that light that the bike went through was green for a loooooong time. He was prob. drunk. I wonder if they edited the video before showing cops, of them being total jack asses doing stupid stunts like that. I saw a guy get run over and killed doing that crap on a highway. I have never been on a motorcycle since.

Steve Cooper said... »December 21, 2011

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Skylar Dunn said... »January 05, 2012

Excuse me, but what "stupid crap" were they doing exactly? Being better drivers than the ford owner?

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