Video: Back and Forth Parking Job New York City Style


If you have ever lived in or at least visited a large city like New York, you'll know that, sometimes, finding a parking space can be than harder than searching for a needle in a haystack.

And the worst thing is when you're driving in circles for hours and finally find a free space only to discover that you can't fit in.

Not surprisingly, some drivers are so desperate that they don't care if they have to bump their way to squeeze in, like this owner of an older generation Toyota Camry that just had to park no matter what. A time-lapse video is waiting for you just after the break.

Story References: Youtube via Jalopnik



john cocker said... »December 08, 2011

umm wheres the video

JohnCarscoop said... »December 08, 2011

Refresh the page - we accidentally deleted it before...

Is Woody Home? said... »December 08, 2011

Some drivers' will do anything to get laid.

ReRoo Al Ambone said... »December 09, 2011


R1S0 said... »December 09, 2011

buy a smart,fiat 500,or toyota/scion IQ and ypu have no problem...

Zigfrid said... »December 09, 2011

That's what Smart are for

Canakarandriy said... »December 09, 2011


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