New Renault Twingo's Cheeky Commercials


Over in Europe, advertising agencies have a lot more freedom when it comes to their creativity (and the use of it) compared to the U.S. and this of course, affects the commercials themselves.

And Renault is one of Europe's carmakers that won't shy away from ads that could be perceived as provocative by some (but not by others) - remember the 2010 Twingo ad with the two women flirting each other?

The French automaker returns with another trio of cheeky ads for the redesigned 2012 Twingo that were created by the firm's advertising partner, Parisian-based Publicis Conseil, and which you can take a look at in the videos that follow.



Anonymous said... »January 14, 2012

wow, I'm speechless.

Arnanpty said... »January 14, 2012

I want to lick both tattoos.

Yavor Trassiev said... »January 14, 2012

So, it's for whoring moms, single gay men and married gay men. I like it.

Yavor Trassiev said... »January 14, 2012

Of the gangster too?

Mercy Humppe said... »January 14, 2012

Great car blog site......a blogger likes to rim and we all have to hear about it. Yes, Yavor, gender probably does not matter.

8LiterHemiV8cell said... »January 15, 2012

That was different to say the least..

Bluetheimpala said... »January 15, 2012

 What the fuck is a Twingo...oh the car.   You wouldn't know by watching the commercial. 

Hey Renault:
If people wanted their  $20,000+ investments marketed to them like a fucking Pepsi commercial, they'd let you know. 

 Less slutty moms with tramp stamps and more, you know, marketing would be nice.  Shit, if she was a hotty with some sick titties then I could believe it was a 'sex sells' thing but come on, she's a 3 bagger at best. 

If you sell a complex good like it is fucking bubble gum, then don't complain when everyone stops chewing.

 Who's overseeing these multimillion dollar campaigns anyway?  Seems like a bunch of 14 year old kids with 10 years of old spots could plop out this piece of shit. The concept isn't original at all. Execution has a lot to be desired.  Smells like one of those in house shops with some over the hill hack slapped this together. 

Scorcher II said... »January 15, 2012

This is what you get when corrupt masonic socialist politicians take over a car company.

Blarg! said... »January 15, 2012

Gay mariage, asking about tattoos, and tramp stamps are the biggest threat to your existance?

Grow up.

Hugh Jorgan said... »January 16, 2012

Some  ads try to appeal to the lowwest common denominater.......with you they missed. You sure have a great vocabulary.

I heard you were the worlds only living brain donor.

Scorcher II said... »January 17, 2012

You are the only overreacting freak I see here. Get a brain.

Hugh Jorgan said... »January 17, 2012

Blarg is not the only one who thinks your'e a dipstick.

Blarg! said... »January 17, 2012

And you're the one with unsubstantated claims of "corrupt masonic socialist politicians".

Poltics will always have a percentage of coruption.
The American understanding of Socialism is vastly different from what Socialism actually is.
The Masons are just tired old men who want to have a drink once a week.

If you think that "corrupt masonic socialist politicians"would be responsible for making an advert for a car in which 2 grown men kiss each other at their wedding, then it is YOU who is overeacting.

If the next word out of your mouth is "illuminati" or "December 2012", then you are an idiot.

Franciso said... »January 17, 2012


Michael said... »January 18, 2012

All true, particularly about those scary Masons. But only the stupid half (Republican/Tea Party types) of Americans don't have any idea of what "socialism" means, whether the classical stricter definition or a more modern version. The stupids hear the word and in the back of their little brains it's related to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Communism, which they didn't understand either.

Michael said... »January 18, 2012

Nah, the ink guy wasn't gay. No gay man would want a dolphin tatoo.

But the tramp stamp commercial....seriously misjudged. It assumes that people will think of the mother as cool and cheeky, not a clueless skank. Wrong.

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