Pawned: This is Why Russians Add Dashboard Cameras to their Cars


No doubt, you've probably seen at least a few videos shot from within a car originating from Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Now, in the event that you were wondering why so many drivers choose to fit their vehicles with a dashboard mounted camera, we believe that the following clip will provide you with an answer...



Hanz said... »January 20, 2012

run bitch run, before I get my shotgun.

Ace said... »January 20, 2012

Nearing the bottom of the bit barrel, eh?

Garrett Spicer said... »January 20, 2012

What a dumb bitch

Bob said... »January 20, 2012

it had to be a woman

kachuks said... »January 20, 2012

"That's right, sweetheart.  Get back in your beemer and shut the f**k up."

Eric said... »January 20, 2012

Wow.. she has the nerve of being upset (not with herself) but with the driver of the car she hit.  Unreal.
Maybe we should all put cameras on our dash to protect ourselves from these morons.

O123 said... »January 20, 2012

hahah, why i love russia

Jacobi miller said... »January 20, 2012

aw hell nall i would hav boxed that stupid bitch and that jermey clarkson want a be

Ben said... »January 20, 2012

i know right? and its not like they are driving an 91 honda...dont tell me you drive an X5 and you cant afford a small dent?

Josh said... »January 21, 2012

I doubt this was a mistake, or that she's upset with the guy behind. I think she wanted to make it seem like the guy behind hit her, not the other way around, and since she's the one with a witness in her car he would have a tough time explaining the situation to the police. I've heard stories like that before, maybe she just needed to fix her rear bumper and didn't feel like paying for it, and usualy there is pain nack and fake injuries involved, so she gets even more money from his insurance... tbh things like that make me want to mount a camera to my dash...

Zonk said... »January 22, 2012

this is way take out money from insurance of guy in the back car, in Poland we have the same but no one do it in that obviouse way

Hdom said... »January 23, 2012

In Soviet Russia, car hits you going in reverse.

Рейшел Перри-Луна said... »June 20, 2012

insurance fraud.. people do it here in miami too; they will see someone in a nice expensive car and set them up to make it look like you hit them and get you for ins. $$$$$$

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