Subaru BRZ Black Edition by Prova from the Tokyo Auto Salon [Video]


Prova, one of the more notable Subaru tuners in the Land of the Rising Sun, teamed up with the Japanese automaker to display a bespoke edition of the new BRZ sports coupe at this past weekend's 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The BRZ Black Edition is supposed to be a more mature tuning take on the rear-wheel drive model that goes on sale worldwide this spring.

The package combines a blacked out body with orange pinstriping and a styling kit that includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts, a different rear diffuser and a (not so mature…) massive rear wing, along with new 19-inch alloy wheels from Enkei shod in beefier rubber.

A high-performance braking system and a sports exhaust system with central mounted tail pipes plus body hugging Recaro bucket seats and a new audio system inside round out the changes on the Black Edition showcar.

Neither Prova nor Subaru said if they have any plans to produce the BRZ Black Edition.

Photo Credits: Subaru/Prova




Hagnzer said... »January 16, 2012

somebody needs to take better photo and video. very sad.

Sumwear07 said... »January 16, 2012

your right....very bad angles.

Unbekabal said... »January 16, 2012

Not AWD, not a true Subaru, just a Suby powered toyota

Littlebrother Kit said... »January 17, 2012

I have some better pics from a Chinese website....

1) the Prova Subaru Brz -- the brz that just shown by carscoop

2) the newest version subaru sti concept -- yes I mean the newest version of impreza
but the engine part was unknown...

3) and the brz from sti --- a little bit changing from the brz sti concept before.

katherinefrisby said... »January 17, 2012

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Victor said... »January 17, 2012

I think I see Cobb AccessPORT on the dash on the BRZ

Littlebrother Kit said... »January 17, 2012

here are some better shots of the brz by prova

and the newest version impreza sti concept
the engine is not known

and brz from sti...

Phontsolo said... »January 17, 2012

Really? You do realize Subaru does and always HAS made non AWD cars?

Hugh Jorgan said... »January 17, 2012

What model has been offered in other than AWD. Not ever in N.A.

JohnCarscoop said... »January 17, 2012

The first Subaru to be imported in the States, the 360, had a rear-engine / rear-wheel drive layout

Hugh Jorgan said... »January 17, 2012

Thanks for responding.
You can learn something new every day. Never took ancient history in school.
What about in more modern times......I know about the Justy.
One of my early cars was a well used 1963 Packer Pontiac 421 c.i.Catalina that turned low 12's in the 1/4 mile, I've been around for a while. 

JohnCarscoop said... »January 17, 2012

#Hugh: According to the data I found on NADAguides, up until 1995, Subaru offered a mix of FWD and AWD models in the States, but from 1996 and onwards, AWD became standard on all of its vehicles.

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