2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class Five-Door Hatchback Filmed Totally Undisguised!


A bicyclist –no, we didn't make a mistake- captured footage of the all-new 2012 Mercedes-Benz A-Class hatchback while riding with his team from El Golfo to Playa Blanca on the Spanish island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

It seems that the German premium carmaker was at the island to shoot video and pictures of the luxury compact model for its press material.

The A-Class seen here is the five-door hatchback model, which will be the first body style to be launched onto the market. Mercedes has already confirmed that the 5-door version will make its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show in early March. A sportier looking three-door model will follow, possibly withing the next year.

It is evident from the design of the front bumper with the stretched out side pockets, the large alloy wheels and the side skirts that the A-Class seen here is either the rumored A25 AMG or the regular model fitted with an AMG sports package. Whichever it is, we must admit that it looks pretty snazzy - especially when compared with its main rival, the BMW 1-Series.

Mercedes-Benz has kept a tight lid on the AMG version of the A-Class but sources claim that it will feature all-wheel drive with power coming from a high-performance four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine producing up to 300HP.

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The Brass Ring said... »February 01, 2012

Looks brassy! I like it!

AstonMartin said... »February 02, 2012

Nice lines & the 3 door will offer a both powerful engine and AWD. I am however eager to see how BMW redesigns the 1 series coupe and introduces the 2 series for the US market.

MB said... »February 02, 2012

It's cool! There will be A180 122HP, A200 156HP, A250 200HP and A32 AMG 300HP. Those all are four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine and 1,6L - 2,0L.

Yavor Trassiev said... »February 02, 2012


Braddo said... »February 02, 2012

Is Chris Bangle working for Mercedes now?

Mike said... »February 02, 2012

I do NOT like it.  Mercedes' styling is heading in a new direction that looks more like their designers are playing 'catch-up' with the Koreans' (Hyundai and KIA) lead.

AutoPersonality said... »February 02, 2012

Finally, I understand. The reason the new SL is so ugly is because it has A Class headlights!

Chris Eskin said... »February 02, 2012

Wow. Looks great. The CLS is my favorite MB and they clearly took some styling cues from that car. Makes the 1-series look like a pig.

Alex said... »February 02, 2012


Alex said... »February 02, 2012

Don't see how either A class or 1 series can be considered anything close to good looking.

Alex said... »February 03, 2012
volvo cars

Yavor Trassiev said... »February 03, 2012

It's the best looking hatchback I have ever seen!

Solutionbringer said... »February 05, 2012

Okay guys here's the solution of this video and the seen car.
Like our dear carscoop author says, it might be the a-class AMG Version.
But I guess something else: As Geneve Auto Show is coming, MB can't present the "right" car at this moment, if sales start later in autumn (official presentation at the dealerships). 

So unfortunately this is not be the final production model we could order later this year.
The seen car is very probably the 5-door study of the a-class. So it is the bigger brother of the so known and so sexy coupé (3-door) study. And it might not be the AMG version, as here also the time-gap between presentation and model-release is too long. So it's just a "fall-in-love" mockup.

The videoshoot is, I guess for the presentation at the booth. I think they will use the video on their video wall during presentation in Geneva.

At the end the final a-class will unfortunately not be that sexy. That's sad, but that's reality.

Mtalk said... »February 06, 2012

You are beyond wrong. This is the production intent version. The concept had completely stylized headlights with cues from other mercedes concepts showing off the new character lines of the front. The front splitter was completely different, the front intakes, everything. This car has production elements from the AMG wheels (not concept turbine wheels), painted plastic bumpers, and even its paint which is a much less metallic silver than the concept, which when I saw in person looked multidimensional. Kudos to the designers for translating that fantastic grill over to the production model.

Driven said... »March 22, 2012

Has it been confirmed that only the AMG version has AWD and that it is only available in a 3 door?

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